Are you a daredevil?

Welcome to the daredevil quiz. You want to try it out. Are you sure? OK now you've decided there is no going back. It's quite simple really. Maybe you are a daredevil... Maybe not.

But its not about others. It's YOU. Not me. Not her. Not him. You. This test is going to help you. I hope you will get what you want now shall we get on with the quiz?

Created by: Erin
  1. You're playing truth or dare. You say Dare. Your friend says "Tell us your crush." You...
  2. You have been out partying. A new friend is tired and asks if you want to get in the closest car. You...
  3. You go to your enemy's house to say sorry. She asks you to go to her room. She then goes somewhere else.
  4. Your crush asks you out. His friends laugh. You think its a joke. You then...
  5. It's Christmas and you host a party. Do you want costumes or not?
  6. A year passes and your partner ask you to marry say...
  7. What do you look for in a guy?
  8. Do you like the quiz? (Answer doesn't matter)
  9. You play a prank. You go for?
  10. Would you recommend the quiz to others? (No affect.)

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Quiz topic: Am I a daredevil?