Are You a Bookworm?

Are you a bookworm? Well, with this easy question and answer quiz, you can find out! All you have to do is answer the question's truthfully and then when you're done click the nifty submit button, I think it is and wait for you answer to pop up! There are three answers... which one will you get?

Some people truly believe that they are bookworms but with this quiz, I can pick the one's that are truly and actually a book worm. (Myself for example) Hmm... well, I dunno what to say. Have to have a certain amount of words... ah! Enjoy!

Created by: Emma of The Randomly Random Forum
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  1. If you're going on a long trip, how many books do you bring?
  2. What's you're favorite kind of books?
  3. If you're going somewhere... let's say to the store, will you bring a book?
  4. Okay, you're at the store, and, of course, the store has a book section. Do you look at the book section?
  5. Okay, you find a book in the book section that you really want. Do you get it?
  6. True or false: Truth is stranger than fiction.
  7. What's your limit on number of pages in books?
  8. How often do you read?
  9. In school/during a job do you:
  10. Do you bring a book wherever you go even if you know you won't need it?

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