are YOU a Blackadder wizz?

Are you a Blackadder fan? if so, do you have what it takes to complete the test and reveal how much you really know about the Blackadder and his friends, which include Percy, Baldrick, (BA1), Queenie, Melchett, Percy and Baldrick (BA2), and the list goes on...

...In just minutes (or hours, depepnds on how goo0d you can read) you can find out how much you really know about the blackadder and then go tell all your friends how much you know!! schmeedle schnik schneedle

Created by: baldrick
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  1. Who is Blackadders' Dogboy?
  2. Who acts as the Prince Regent in Blackadder 3?
  3. Where is the Western Front located in Blackadder 4?
  4. What does Baldrick use as a fake moustache in Blackadder 4?
  5. What is Blackadders' horses name in Blackadder 1?
  6. Do you like me?
  7. Who does Stephen Fry act as in Blackadder 2 ?
  8. What does blackadder send out to his comrades as a sign in Blackadder 1?
  9. Spell Australia
  10. the 'Schliffen plan' was from which country?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Blackadder wizz?