Are you a Belieber?

Since Purpose came out, everyone has been loving Justin Bieber, but who are his REAL Belieber's and know a lot about him or been a fan since his first CD?

Are you a Belieber? Do you think you have enough knowledge about Justin Bieber to pass? This quiz is exactly for that! Answer 10 questions to find out if you got Bieber Fever!

Created by: miley
  1. What was Justin's first ever released song?
  2. On the day Justin was born, his mom was going to name him what?
  3. "You might mess around and fall in love" are lyrics from what unofficially released song?
  4. On which crime show did Justin feature on?
  5. What is Justin's favorite candy?
  6. Which girl was Justin's first girlfriend?
  7. Justin was born March 1st 1994, but which of these details about his birthday is correct?
  8. Which of these was Justin's first tattoo?
  9. Which of these are Justin's grandparents?
  10. On Justin's YouTube channel Kidrauhl, he used to post home videos. Which of these songs did he cover and sing to the singer before getting signed?

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