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  • I think that there were quite a few things that were mean about this quiz.

    I don't mean to be 'that person' but.....
    Question 1: What color is your skin?
    So, if I'm white, I'm prettier?
    If I'm black, I'm ugly?
    Question 2: What color are your eyes?

    Is there a color of eyes that is just prettier than all the rest? Someone with brown eyes could be way more beautiful than the rest, but since they have Brown eyes, well then.....

    Question 7: Are you....

    That's just fat biased. It's telling the world you need to be skinny to be pretty, like the rest of media today.

    Question 9: Do boys stare at you?

    I get what you mean, but, dude, you could have spinach in your teeth, and he's wondering if he should tell you! Not all staring is 'like that' staring.

    Question 11: Do boys like you, if so how many?

    How am I supposed to know! Boys don't usually go up to you like, 'I LOVE you.' It's usually a secretive thing.

    I think that this quiz was very offensive, and I'm not saying this because I got a bad score or anything. I actually got quite a high score, but I'm not proud of it.

  • Why did you have to ask skin color? What does that have to do with being pretty? I just think that was a little rude...Everyone is pretty no matter their skin color!

  • well, it's not like you judge how beautiful someone is by the outside. Basically you're cyber-bullying. It's whats on the INSIDE that counts!

  • Lol! This is funny. I am white with green eyes. I put that the first time and got a 72%. Then I went back and kept all my answers but said indstead that I was black with black eyes and I got an 87% that time! XD weird!

  • This is really not cool. This could hurt a girls self esteem in a minute. It doesn't matter hwat you look like, youre beautiful no matter what .-.

  • Well, I'm pretty young so, in my age group, not many boys have taken interest in girls yet.

  • For the eyes why don't you have green or blue? But, I guess this was a good quiz other than that

    Miss carrot
  • Weird quiz

  • 2 be honest i think everyones pretty if not on the outside then there pretty on the inside

  • Apparantly I'm cute.
    How come ur pretty if ur white?

  • I got cute... not quite sure what that means

  • Thank you! I got S-E-X-Y

  • I got pretty aha. yo funneh. I'm a f---ing goddess, gurl you better tell me that. I am your master. ._.

  • i think this quiz is good but have mean stuff in it but thats ok this quiz was the best id tooken

    pretty lady97

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