Are u girly girl?

are u girly,tomboy or normal u can find out if your a girl,girly or girly girl cause whatever u r your amazing and congratulation if you're are girly normal or tomboy

what kind of person do u think u are thanks to this quiz u will find out, be truthful and be your self.have fun with your score and be who u are good luck

Created by: sylvie

  1. Do u think your girly?
  2. do u love pink and have to have or wear something pink?
  3. do u always wear skirts and dresses?
  4. do u think your ugly , normal or the prettiest in the world?
  5. Would u or do u carry a fashionable bag with a small pocket dog inside?
  6. if u needed something ergently what do u need?
  7. do u where bright nail polish like pink,yellow and ligt purple?
  8. do u pose like a modal?(be truthful)
  9. do u think your the best in the world? (just asking)
  10. are u a spoiled brat (no offence)

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