What style are you?

There are many styles of people out there- which would be why you are friends with people and not friends with others. There are many kinds of people that are tomboys and yet there are girly people too.

What is YOUR style? Girly? Tomboy? You don't know? Well then TAKE MY QUIZ! With my quiz, you find out what your style is, in a few easy questions.

Created by: Sosmiley
  1. If u just had a soccer game & u were goin 2 ur BFF's bday party, what would u do?
  2. If u had out-of-season shoes on, what would u do?
  3. What was the last thing u picked up?
  4. What color do u mostly wear?
  5. Where do u get ur clothes?
  6. What is ur BFF's name (or closest 2)?
  7. What is ur fave thing 2 do?
  8. What would u rather be doing right now?
  9. Who is ur fave singer?
  10. What is ur fave movie?

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