Are you a tomboy ?

This quiz is all bout trying to be what you are and getting recognised for it. nobody would think of you as a bad person at all for what type of girl you identify with

If your a girly girl it is totally irrelevant. be yourself. Its ok if you dont like who yo are cause your god angel in the sky does! You were made to shine bright

Created by: TAYLOR

  1. If you had to wear something to a party, what would you wear?
  2. Your going to your best friends wedding! What would you wear
  3. if you go to the mall, what yould you wear
  4. what do you think you are
  5. what is the point of clothes
  6. if your going home from summer camp wat would yo wear
  7. Whats your name
  8. Do you you like my quiz
  9. If you wanted to be comfy what would you do
  10. Last question! if your friends funeral was today what would you wear

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Quiz topic: Am I a tomboy ?