Are u a true UNICORN?

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Take this quiz and find out if your a true unicorn! :D I hope u enjoy having Fun with this quiz! Tell your friends about this quiz and don’t forget to rate it!

Good luck and enjoy taking this quiz!i hope you have lots of fun! Tell your friends your score and they can tell u there score! Just remember to answer truthfully!

Created by: Unicorn

  1. What do unicorns poop?
  2. What gender are unicorns?
  3. What do unicorns eat?
  4. Are unicorns real?
  5. Do u believe in magic?
  6. Dose the quiz end here?
  7. Are u enjoying the quiz?
  8. What are unicorns?
  9. What do u think of unicorns?
  10. Is this the last question?

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