Are you a dragon, gryphon, or unicorn?

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The unicorn, dragon, and gryphon are possibly the three most famous species of mythical creature. Which one of them do think YOU would be? Take this quiz to find out!

Not all these creatures exactly matched their modern stereotypes. There are also subspecies that are not so famous. So, go ahead and find out if you're a dragon, a unicorn, or a gryphon!

Created by: Meself

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  1. Someone shows you a table covered with random objects and tells you to pick one. You choose:
  2. You see a few horses in a pasture. Your first thought is:
  3. Which animal do you act the most like?
  4. Day vs. night?
  5. Which one describes you best?
  6. How do you feel about fire?
  7. How social are you?
  8. Do you hoard things?
  9. Someone steals something of yours. You:
  10. What do you think about harmonicas?
  11. You prefer to eat:

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Quiz topic: Am I a dragon, gryphon, or unicorn?