Mr. Unicorn's Quiz of Wonder The Sequel

Are you good enough to be even close to being good enough as Mr. Unicorn? I don't think so! but maybe if you take this quiz you will learn things about Mr. Unicorn, and important life facts.

With this quiz, if you DID happen to score perfect... which I assure you, you won't... you would find out you are one-hundredth as smart as Mr. Unicorn.

Created by: Mr. Unicorn

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  1. Answer honestly: What was your score on the previous Mr. Unicorn's Quiz of Wonder Test?
  2. What do you get when your kid is a brat?
  3. Finish this sentence: yum-yum-yum...
  4. Peanut butter or jelly?
  5. What is a Will?
  6. George Bush is:
  7. Which of these animals is a despicable, horrible creature?
  8. Person 1 gets 34% on a quiz, Person 2 gets 56%, Person 3 gets 89%, Person 4 gets 52%, Person 5 gets 66% and Person 6 gets 100%. Who wins?
  9. When you are distracted what do you hum?
  10. When you need a spoon, what do you say?
  11. How do you sing Oh Canada?
  12. 562792379543678 647838754637?
  13. Are you physicic?
  14. What is pi?
  15. Knock-knock. Who's there? Banana... Repeat, repeat, repeat. What's the last line?
  16. What do you do when someone offers you marijuana?
  17. Peep and Chirp are characters on the show 'Peep and the Big Wide World'. What is the third main character?
  18. Finish this sentence: You've done well young ____________.
  19. Which one:
  20. Mr. Unicorn rules...
  21. Pick one to describe Mr. Unicorn:

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