Another rant -.- (oh god, I'm such a beyotch. :S)

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Yeah, like it says in the title, this is another rant. It's not like the last one so don't worry. I'm only more than kinda sad and pissed off... so yeah.

Anyone who left a nice comment on my last quiz: thank you so much! You all rock and I'll return the favor if you ever need it. :D Okay, intro is over. :P

Created by: Firey_Soul

  1. Hi. *saying this in a way that sounds totally unamused* -.-
  2. Okay j2lyk, this isn't going to be like the last emotional wreakage quiz I posted. I'm not crying or anything, I'm just kinda (okay, more than kinda) sad and pissed off right now.
  3. Why? Those of you who actually give a s--- about me may ask. Well, it's simple.
  4. I just saw a bunch of pics of Anthony and his girlfriend Kalel together.
  5. Yeah, they were all together and stuff. GRRR. And in one pic, she was licking his freaking face!!!! OH HELL NAW!!!!!!!!!
  6. Yes, I realise that Anthony is only my guy in my mind but seriously, I'm in love with him and that freaking hurts!!!!! And the fact that Kalel is a million times prettier than I am makes it even worse. T.T
  7. Whenever I like a guy, he always has to be like 10 years older than me and/or completely out of my leauge. Why must I torture myself like this?
  8. Could someone be so kind as to give me a broom and dustpan so I can clean up the shattered remains of my heart?
  9. Sorry for posting another rant, I feel like a b----.
  10. On the bright side, I still have Dan! :D

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