Another IQ test

This is, I guess, is my first IQ quiz. I decided to make this quiz since alll the others sucked. ( no offense, I'm doing this to motivate you!) Do you have the gnashing guts to face these corrupt questions, or will you sissy the rest of the gotoquizzers!

Do you think you have what it takes to score a perfect 100? I don't believe you! Put your pottymouth to the test with these lobe-wrenching tricksters I call questions!

Created by: yukitw33ts

  1. Mitch has 5 pet mice. Due to lack of food, 2 mice died. How many left?
  2. Which is the cow's egg?
  3. My sister-in-law's widowed mother is getting married to my future uncle-in-law. Is this sentence valid?
  4. There were two burning houses. One was made of straw, the other was made of cotton. Which house did the ambulance put out first?
  5. There was a very weird family that lived in a round house. One afternoon, a gunshot was heard and the curious Child found his grandpa dead on the oiving room floor ( how ironic.) Child decided to find out who killed his beloved grandfather. First he asked his older sister. She denied, saying that she was out in her friend's place the whole day. Then Child asked his grandma. She denied, saying that she was just reading in the corner. Then Child asked Mother. She denied, saying she was out working the whole day. Finally, he asked Father. He denied, saying he was mowing the lawn. Who killed Grandfather?
  6. Once you kill the cow...
  7. What do cows give after earthquakes?
  8. A boy had stood up until midnight on the computer when there was class tomorrow. What is the result of this?
  9. 1 + 1 = N
  10. What is the plural of moose?
  11. Who's fingernails grow longer in the cold?
  12. 7 times 1
  13. What goes out as soon as it goes in?
  14. (prí­n-sÄ“s) (end) (thí¦) (pí´-per) Spell (pí´-per)
  15. Eric won the contest, he feels...
  16. 2 boats had launched from the Sunrise Bay exactly at the same time. The tortoises were heavy, so how long did the procedure take?
  17. The spaghetti takes 1 whole day outisde of the fridge to rot. If so, how long would it take the honey to rot out of the fridge as well?
  18. Sally sold seventy seven shark-snap saplings, sitting silently on Sunset Sunshore. How many S's are there?
  19. A pencil exaclty 5 inches long will take 40 minutes of sharpening to get to its minimum size. How kong would it take a 2 inch pencil to shrink to its minimum size as well?
  20. Annalisse Jennica and Chell each sold 15 chocolate bars. How many did they sell in all?

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