The Ultimate Mitch Grassi Quiz

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Mitch Grassi is a walking breathing legend and we stan! Find out to see if you do too! (I hope you do!!!!!!!) Stay a Mitch fan forever! Mitch is skinny and amazing!

Mitch Grassi is the star of Penatonix! Do you know everything about him? Are you a fan? Is Mitch skinny? Discover more about Mitch Grassi and your knowledge about him in this Quiz!

Created by: SkinntyGrassi
  1. What career does Mitch Grassi have?
  2. What band is Mitch Grassi in?
  3. How tall is Mitch?
  4. What are the names of Mitch's parents?
  5. Does Mitch have any siblings? If so, what's their name(s)?
  6. What voice type is Mitch?
  7. Mitch has been in the music industry since...
  8. What race is Mitch?
  9. What is Mitch's ethnicity?
  10. What is Mitch's full name?
  11. How many tattoos does Mitch have?
  12. Who is Mitch's best friend?
  13. What was Mitch's pet from 2013-2017
  14. Where was Mitch born
  15. Why is Mitch's nose crooked
  16. What is the name of his highly anticipated solo album
  17. When is Mitch's birthday
  18. What era is his hair in as of January 2019
  19. What was Mitch's biggest accomplishment
  20. Who is he dating
  21. What is Mitch's favorite food
  22. Where does he live currently

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