Another crazy adventure/love story (part 7)

Sorry it's been so long to do part 7, but here it is! I will make part 8 soon and that will be the final part, because I can't keep it going for ever :P So if you want anything particular to happen in part 8 let me know - or be silent for ever. lol.

So you are sitting on a bench at the edge of the market square in Keswick, and Connor has just gone off really annoyed with you. You had just felt a hand on the back of you neck, and a voice hissed 'Don't move'....

Created by: Innominate

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  1. You flinch as you feel the grip on your neck, and try to look round, but fail. '___,' the voice says, and you realise with surprise that it's Lancelot. 'Lancelot!' you exclaim. 'Ssssh, not so loud.' You feel the grip on your neck released. 'What was all that about?' you ask indignantly. 'Listen, don't move and don't look at me, just carry on looking at the ground.' 'Okay...' you wonder why. Lancelot goes on, 'Don't look at him, but there is a guy talking to James right now, who is going to kill you if he can. He's masquerading as the brother of a stall-keeper, but he's not; he's a practised criminal, and he has been hired by Blaize to kill you.'
  2. 'Um, who is Blaize?' you ask. 'I don't think I've met him.' 'He is the new leader of Euan's clan,' the voice behind you replies. 'Okay, so he wants to kill me, but what can I do about it?' you say. 'Not a lot. But I wanted to warn you, so you know who he is. When I've gone, you can look at him and go up to James and the other guys. He won't kill you with so many people around. But warn the guys about him - although they might not believe you! And just be careful.' 'Okay, thanks for warning me,' you say. 'That's all right,' he replies. 'Strange, the first time I've been in this town for over eleven years... nothing else would ever make me come here, and maybe I shouldn't have come now.' 'And leave me to die?' you ask indignantly. He laughs, but rather bitterly. 'No, that's why I came of course. Good luck. I'm going now.' You wait a few minutes and then go over to James. He is talking to a short, muscled and very strong-looking guy with mid-brown hair slicked down very smooth and a fat, rather feature-less face. His eyes are constantly darting about, which makes you feel a bit awkward for some reason. James turns to smile at you. '___, this is Hamish.' Hamish smiles at you too, but you get the impression the smile stops at his mouth; his eyes are very cold and unpleasant-looking. 'Nice to meet you, ___' he says.
  3. James saves you the trouble of answering, because he continues 'Sorry I left you for so long, ___, I had to sort some business with one of the new stall-keepers, Hamish's brother. We've just finished, so shall we go and have lunch now, ___?' 'Thanks, that would be great: I've been feeling hungry,' you say. 'Okay, see you then Hamish!' James puts his arm round you and you stroll off together. 'How's your ankle?' he asks. 'Okay, not too bad,' you reply. He gives you a hug. 'With luck, they'll never hurt you again.' You think of what Lancelot told you. 'Why not?' James smiles. 'I'd better not say just now, but if things go to the plan, those guys won't be around much longer!' 'Cool,' you say, wondering whether to tell him now about Hamish. But you have just arrived at a cute, fashionable and expensive restaurant. You two go inside; it's full except for one table, which James tells you he reserved. So you sit down and order lunch.
  4. You are just finishing your delicious dessert, when you are startled to notice that a guy at the table next to you looks just like Hamish. You lean over and whisper this to James. He laughs. 'That's his brother.' Then he looks at you more closely. 'Why, do you not like Hamish?' You don't reply. James goes on, 'I know he's not exactly attractive, and he's not one of our friends, but he seems an okay guy to do business with.' You have been realising that Hamish's brother keeps looking at you when he thinks you're not looking. You are getting really freaked out by this. 'James, can we go now?' you ask. 'We've only just finished lunch!' he says. 'We can stay a bit longer you know, there's no hurry.' He looks across at you with his attractive smile that makes your heart flutter. But you are really worried now. 'Please,' you say. James takes your hand. 'Look, ___, I was hoping we could have a chat together. We always seem to get interrupted...' He is looking into your eyes now, and you feel them filling with tears. James jumps up immediately and puts his arms round you. 'Is it your ankle?' he asks. You nod, relieved to have an excuse. 'Come on, sweet,' he pays the bill (which is large!) quickly, and then takes you in his arms and carries you out. 'We'll go back to my friend's house, and I'll put some ointment and bandages on it. ***, I should have noticed before, I'm sorry!' he says. 'Don't worry' you say politely, and go to sleep.
  5. When you wake, you are lying on a couch somewhere. James and another guy (who has light brown curly hair and grey eyes) are studying a map. James looks up quickly when you open your eyes, and comes over to you. 'How are you?' 'I'm okay,' you reply, 'but I have to tell you something...' You repeat what Lancelot told you. To your annoyance, James doesn't seem to think it's very serious. 'Look, don't worry,' he says at last, 'because tonight, we're going to wipe them out from here.' You sit up, blinking. 'Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have told you, but I don't want you to worry. So you will be safe after tonight.'
  6. You say 'Supposing they've decided to wipe you out?' James smiles at you charmingly. 'Then you will go back to America/___(insert name of country you come from) and these guys won't be able to trouble you. Seriously, ___, I'm not letting you get hurt again.' 'Sorry to interrupt, guys, but James I think we should really finish this,' the guy with curly brown hair says. 'You see,' James groans, 'I never get a minute alone with you, ___... but soon I'm going to put that right,' he adds softly. He goes back to whatever those guys were doing before, and you
  7. *2 hours later* You and James and this other guy, whose name is Christian, are having dinner. The door opens and Taylor comes in. 'Hi guys, sorry I'm late.' He pulls up a chair next to you, and gets some food. 'Everything okay, ___?' he asks.
  8. You say 'yeah, I had a good day. You?' 'Oh, okay. It's only just begun you know,' he grins. 'We're going to have fun tonight!' You giggle. 'I would have thought that meant we were going to a party,' you say, 'Are we?' Taylor punches you jokingly.'You know we're not,' he says. 'After that we can go to a party every night if you like.' You pout. 'Supposing I want to go tonight?' 'I don't think Blaize will think it much of a party,' Taylor murmurs thoughtfully, leaning over to kiss your cheek. 'Well, do be careful guys,' you say. 'I don't want to attend any of your funerals.' 'All right, let's be off, Christian,' James says, getting up. 'Come and see me off, ___' he grins. You go to the door with him. 'Omg I love you' James holds you in his arms, crushing you close to him, so you can feel the warmth of his body aginst yours. You look up into his eyes. 'Soon,___...' he murmurs. Then he gives you a last kiss and leaves. You go back inside to Taylor. He is idly taking a quiz called 'What to do if you meet a werewolf when you're out shopping'. (me: if there isn't a quiz already called this, can someone make one? Please???) You go and lean on the back of his seat. You giggle when you see what he's doing. 'Is that really helpful, Taylor?' you enquire innocently. 'No, *** it' he grins up at you. 'I was just waiting for you.' He drags you over to the couch and you sit down. 'I'm going to be so glad when we're back home, and you stop having all these *** guys to flirt with,' he tells you.
  9. You are surprised. 'Aren't we staying here?' you ask. 'I mean, I am their princess...' 'I'm not!' he exclaims. You find this really funny. 'I never thought you were a princess, Taylor!' you say. 'But really, I thought I had been kidnapped for ever.' He looks at you slowly. 'Um, well, I'm not sure I should really tell you.' 'Tell me what?' you ask. 'Well, if I told you what, then I would have told you, and I just said I wasn't telling you.' You groan. 'Stop trying to make things complicated.' You start to have a mock fight with Taylor, but the door opens, and Connor puts his head round. 'You ready to go yet Taylor?' 'Oh yeah, curse it, I forgot,' Taylor has somehow ended up with his arms round you. He kisses you. 'Don't you dare run away with any of the other guys before I come back!' Connor is looking murderous you notice. 'Poor Blaize,' you murmur provocatively, 'He won't have much of a chance.' 'That,' Connor snaps, shoving Taylor out of the room, 'is what I'm very much hoping, you little *** flirt!' 'I wasn't -!' you begin, but Connor has grabbed you fiercely in his arms, holding you so tight you can hardly breathe, and is kissing you ferociously. 'If you behave like a flirt, that's the treatment you get', he says, pressing his lips hard against yours again. The door opens 'Connor, what the -?' Taylor strides in, and Connor releases you.
  10. You collapse back on the couch breathlessly, and Connor and Taylor leave with some other guys who are waiting. You are left alone.
  11. *20 minutes later* Ivan comes in. You jump nervously before you realise it's him. 'Sorry, ___, I didn't mean to startle you.' 'That's all right' you say. 'I'm waiting here for some other guys,' he explains, 'but I'm glad I've found you here. Have the guys told you?' 'Told me what?' you ask. 'You don't know? That was *** mean of them. Listen, my sweet,' Ivan sits down and takes you in his lap, 'the people of our clan don't want to let you go, in fact I'm fairly sure they won't let you go.' 'Not let me go home?' you are surprised. 'But Taylor was just saying I could go home.... I think' you try to remember just what he said, but you are really confused now. 'That's because of what Connor said,' Ivan explains. 'He's not letting you stay unless you marry one of us. He doesn't think it's safe because... well, he swore about you a lot.' You pout. 'That's nice,' you say sarcastically. 'Mavourneen, don't worry, we all love you,' he is stroking your hair. 'What does mavourneen mean?' you ask. (Never mind if you know, you still ask.) 'My darling,' he says, 'and that's why I want to speak to you. Listen, you have to decide between us guys by the time we come back from the 'party' tonight.' 'I thought it was a fight' you are really mega-ly confused now. 'It is, that was a joke' he tells you. 'And look, ___, I love you too *** much, so if you don't marry me, I'll just *** well kill myself.' You are lying back in his arms, and he looks at you with a charming, attractive smile. You wonder if he's joking. 'Word of honour,' he laughs. 'My life will be like hell without you.'
  12. You hear the outer door open, and you stand up as Matt and Rick come in. 'My darling, you will marry me won't you, my sweet angel?' Rick cries leaping across the room to you. Ivan tackles him and they start fighting. Matt rolls his eyes. 'Rick always manages to start a fight when you're around,' he grins. 'Is Christian still here?' 'No, he went ages ago,' you reply. 'You mean you're alone now?' Matt looks concerned. 'We should have planned this better, but it's not really safe for you to go back to the hotel now, because... well, guys might see you, and then kidnap you. I guess you'll be okay here.' But he doesn't look happy. Rick and Ivan have stopped fighting now and are heading to the door. You guess they both want to kiss you, but neither is going to let the other! You
  13. You say 'good luck guys!' Matt takes your hand. His brown eyes are so full of concern for you. '___, please be careful, and lock the doors once we're gone. I don't want anything to happen to you!' You nod. 'I'll be alright.' The guys go out and leave you. You rush round locking all the doors and windows, and then
  14. You are in the middle of doing that, when you jump with terrot, as you hear glass shattering in the window nearest you. You shriek and turn to run, but the window is between you and the door -
  15. Okay, thanks for taking this, please rate and comment, and the next part will be the last one! Bye :)

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