Another crazy adventure/love story (part 6)

Here is part 6 (if you didn't guess from the title :P )Thanks for your comments on part 5 guys; I really appreciate your advice singin234 :) And I will try to make part 7 better!

So, you were at the top of a cliff, trying to escape from Euan's men, and your horse had just slipped. You felt 'the sickening sensation of dropping through space'...

Created by: Innominate

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  1. The first thing you become aware of as you drift back into consciousness is the aching of your head. The second thing you notice is a sharp pain in your ankle as you unintenionally flex it. You yelp with pain, and open your eyes. 'It's all right, ___, please lie still,' a voice says softly. You see a guy with slightly curly fair hair and steel grey eyes bending over you. He looks about 5 years older than you (I forget whether I told you, you are now 17), but his face is very lined for his age and there is an old scar line running across his forehead. You think he looks as though he's had a hard life, but strangely you don't feel frightened. Another wave of pain shoots through your ankle and you relapse into unconsciousness again.
  2. For what seems a long time, you lie there, mostly sleeping, but sometimes waking. This strange guy always seems to be there, and he gives you food and water and some weird herbal brews. You have completely lost track of time, but one time you wake up feeling a lot better. Your ankle hurts, but it isn't giving you those horrid stabs of pain, and your head has stopped aching. You sit up and look around. For the first time you notice you are in a small cave. In front of you is a narrow slit, through which you can see a little grassy ledge like a balcony outside the cave. Below that, the fell drops steeply down, with rocks and scree and gullies, to the flat valley. There are a lot of chinks in the roof, through which sunlight is filtering in. You are lying on a bed of sheep's wool over heather and bracken, and it's very comfy. You look up at the guy, who is standing near a little tunnel at the back of the cave. 'Where am I?' you ask. 'I see your feeling better, ___' he smiles. 'How do you know my name?' you ask. 'I make it my business to know everything about anyone who ever sets foot on these fells. I knew your name and where you came from and where you were staying the first day you came here with Taylor.' You gasp. 'You have a lot of friends then, I suppose.' He shakes his head. 'No. I'm a lone wolf. Or what you'd call an outlaw, maybe. Not that I've committed any crime. The only person I remember ever caring for me was my father, who was killed by Euan's brother a long time ago. You've met Euan I know. After that, I took to the fells, when I was about 12 years old; I had to live by my wits, and when I was 15 I avenged my father's death, by killing Euan's brother.' He stares out at the valley. 'Go on,' you say, interested. 'Oh, there's not much to tell,' he replies. 'I've never killed anyone else; I don't like to and there's no need. I go my own ways, and there's not a soul alive now that knows of my existence - excepting you, now. I can make myself invisible in the fells; of course there's always the chance I'll be killed but I risk it. Your friends' clan have gone underground and live in the caves, but I'm not going to shut myself up like a prisoner.' He pauses and then adds 'This cave is one of the lookout points of Connor's clan. I thought they would have come and found you by now.'
  3. You say 'Why haven't they?' He shrugs. 'There are so many places to look! These fells are like a labyrinth; I'm the only person alive who knows all the ways.' He laughs. 'I could have murdered both clans in their entirety years ago, if I'd wanted to!' You are horrified. 'I hope you wouldn't!' 'Of course not, I make it my business to cure, not to kill. Although generally I deal with animals not humans. But you are an exception.' 'Yeah, how did I actually get here?' you ask. 'You saw me on the cairn at the top of Carrock (me: that is a fell by the way). You tried to escape me, so I followed to see what would happen. I didn't realise that horse of Euan's you were riding would be quite so crazy!' 'So it wasn't a dream!' You had begun to wonder. 'No,' he replies, 'You fortunately fell onto a nice little ledge not too far down, a bit like that one.' He points to the one outside. 'So I brought you here. Your horse, if you want him, slid further down. He was very cut and bruised, but nothing serious. He's in another cave back there.' He indicates the tunnel at the back of this cave. 'Thanks,' you say. 'But please can I go home? The guys will be really worrying about me.' 'Yes, I will take you to the caves Connor's clan live in. Would you like to go now?'
  4. Assuming you say yes, he bends down and, wrapping you in a sheeps-wool blanket, carries you out through the tunnel. You go through a great network of tunnels and caves, eventually coming out at one from which you can hear the sound of voices. He carries you to the far side. You can hear through the wall the chatter of voices, but there doesn't seem to be any way through. The guy laughs at your confused expression. He puts his hand on the rock wall. 'When I pull this back, you will be able to see into there, and they will see you,' he whispers, bending over you. 'And then I'll be gone. Now listen, you can tell them that I found you, and where you've been, but don't say anything of who I am, what I look like or what I've told you about my life. I trust you.' You nod. 'Goodbye, and thank you for everything,' you say. 'That's all right.' But he doesn't move. He just stands there and turns away slowly. 'You know,' he says quietly, 'those days you were unconscious, I found out a lot about you. You were raving, I suppose. But I felt I knew you. I suppose I've never actually known anyone since I was a kid. Certainly not any girls.' He turns back to you. 'I'd never tell a girl I loved her: it wouldn't be fair, because I can never ask anyone to marry me. I've chosen the life of a lone wolf and I stick to it. But -' he bends over you, and you see the anguished expression on his face, 'if you ever need me, I am here.' You feel strangely like crying, and swallow hard to keep back the tears. He stands up, and puts his hand to the rock. You realise that he thinks you're not even going to speak to him. You say chokily, 'I- I don't even know your name.' 'It's Lancelot. But that's a secret. It's an old name of my family, but I've not been called by it for 11 years, and, on the whole, it's rather safer not to have a name.' This seems a bit strange but you say anyway 'I wouldn't tell anyone.' 'Goodbye, then, ___' he says, his hand resting lightly on your hair for a second. 'Goodbye, Lancelot, and thank you!' you say as he slides the panel back. You are lying in front of it, and as the piece of rock moves back, you see a large, airy and curiously light cave with about 20 people in it. They are mostly girls and women and at one side there are about 6 separate fires, over which things are being cooked. It looks very organised, and rather like a normal home, on a large scale, except that everything is happening in a cave, and the ovens have been replaced by fires.
  5. You realise that Lancelot has vanished, as a small, flaxen-haired girl of about 7 or 8, who is reading a book and playing with a puppy, looks up as you appear a few yards from her. Her blues eyes widen as they meet yours. 'M- mother,' she calls. 'Mother, it's the - the Princess!' You giggle. It's rather funny being called a princess. A woman puts down her sewing and comes over to you quickly. 'You must be ___, but how did you get here? But never mind that, we must tell Connor, he's had half the clan out scouring the fells for you, he's been so worried.' She looks at you more closely. 'Aye, I recognise you, and no mistake, though you're a deal bonnier than the picture of her. Well, we are glad to have you here after all the years. It does one good to see you.' You
  6. Before you have time to say anything, she has called a couple of guys who are setting up some table in the middle, and they have come over to you, picked you up gently and carried you into the room. The little girl shuts the 'door' and continues to stare at you, while one of the guys has been despatched to find Connor. While you're waiting for him to turn up, you enjoy an excellent meal and are waited on by everyone. In fact, you would probably be very spoilt if you stayed here. However, you're not going to, as you find out now.
  7. You are lying on woolen blankets near the fire and dozing after your meal, when you are abruptly woken by someone seizing you and kissing you passionately. You find yourself looking into Taylor's face. '___! I was going crazy! I can't live without you, you know that,' he says. You grin. 'Well, no thanks to you that I'm here now,' you remark. 'I know, we couldn't think where you were. You just seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth, along with that horse. That's another strange thing, when the guys here told me you were found, I came straight here, and in the cave on the way I found the horse. It was a bit weird because it wasn't there a couple of hours ago, and I really don't know how it got in by itself.' 'Oh, he must have brought it,' you realise. 'He?' Taylor looks at you jealously. 'Who?' 'Oh,' you reply airily, 'Just a guy I met. You see, I happened to fall down a cliff, and, er, hurt my ankle somewhat, so he took care of me and then brought me here.' Taylor is looking very suspicious now. 'But who was he?' 'How should I know?' you try to evade the question. 'He didn't seem to want to talk, and I was unconscious most of the time. He brought me here and left me,' you repeat, thinking it's fairly true. Taylor looks anything but satisfied, but he realises you aren't recovered yet so he's trying not to annoy you. Instead he says 'Look here, you and I are moving back to our hotel in Keswick for a bit.' You look surprised. 'What about, well, the clan, and the other guys and everything?' you ask. He grins. 'Oh, we're not ditching them. I won't explain now, but it's for the best, believe me. And I need you somewhere safe where there are lots of people; you can't even walk, so you'd hardly stand a chance in a fight!' He picks you up and continues 'Now, don't argue, just do as you're told.' You smile sleepily up at him. 'You always were terribly bossy, Taylor,' you remark.
  8. *Five hours later* You and Taylor have left the caves and ridden on a couple of ponies to the road.(Posy was very glad to see you, and you fed her carrots :) ) Then Taylor lifted you into the car and drove into Keswick, where he carried you into the hotel, and his parents looked after you and fussed over you like you were 8 years old. You are now having dinner with Taylor in your room in your PJ's, as you can't be bothered to change again and be carried downstairs. 'So tell me now,' you say, tucking into a lovely hotel-cooked meal, 'Why are we back here again?' 'Well, for one thing, you would be back here anyway, ___, because just now you are so not able to look after yourself. You do need to be able to walk if you have dangerous enemies on the loose.' You make a face at him. 'So what? I have powers.' You giggle. 'You should have seen Raymond jumping every time I looked at him.' You've told Taylor the whole story by now, leaving out the bits about Lancelot. 'Yes; you may have powers, but that doesn't mean everyone's going to run away from you like that silly kid did. There's different sorts of powers, and I'm sorry but you don't have the kind of powers they have in some Gotoquiz things, where you can control elements or whatever. We don't live in that kind of world.' You glare at him. 'Anyway, I'm a princess,' you remember, giggling. 'Well, it's nothing to laugh about,' he says sternly, and then laughs himself. 'I'll bet they spoilt you in those caves.' You agree. 'I was waited on hand and foot.' 'Well, don't expect that treatment from me, because you won't get it.' 'Really?' you say, as he removes your plate and carries across the dessert dishes from a side-table. 'That's only since you can't walk,' he grins. Then he becomes serious again. 'But the other reason we're here now is that we've decided, as happens every so often, that it's getting a bit cramped at the Youth Hostel: you see, once they know we're there they can watch all our movements. So we've installed some quite ordinary walkers instead... who just happen to be friends of ours. The other guys are moving back to the caves for a bit, because now is our chance to close in on the other clan, when they've lost their leader and his friend.' 'So Euan's dead!' you exclaim.
  9. 'Yeah, Connor killed him - at last!' You breathe a sigh of relief. Taylor looks worried. 'He's not the only one,' he says, 'I mean, you know Connor killed Euan to save you? They're going to be out for your blood now.' You shiver. Creepy. 'I'm sorry, ___, I'm not trying to scare you, but... well, I thought you should be warned.' He adds, 'Oh, and James is staying in Keswick too for a bit, with his friends; he knows a lot of people here, so he can keep tabs on... people.' 'And on me?' you enquire. Taylor grins. 'I hope you'll be pretty safe here now.' You have finished your meal, and Taylor rings for the waiter to remove the dishes. 'I need to speak to my parents now, so good night, ___. Don't forget to lock your door and windows, and my room's next door if you need me.' 'Getting paranoid again, Taylor?' you ask teasingly. 'I thought I was meant to be safe here.' 'Yeah... I guess I just love you too much.' He stoops and kisses you. 'Sleep well,' he says, closing the door softly.
  10. You wake bright and early the next morning, and jump out of bed, groaning as you realise your ankle is still painful. You hobble into the shower and get dressed in a very attractive outfit. Then you limp out into the corridor and knock on Taylor's door. He opens it. 'Sleep well?' he asks. 'Okay, except my ankle's still sore,' you grimace. '___!' you hear. You realise James, Matt and Rick are all there. 'Hi, nice to see you again,' you greet them. James scoops you up in his arms and kisses you, and then carries you over to a sofa. Then he sits down next to you. 'How's things? We were just having a conference of war - over breakfast.' Matt comes over and gives you a hug. 'I've missed you so much!' Taylor explains 'We're having breakfast up here because officially Matt and Rick are not here. We don't want to publicise the clan too much!' 'Have some breakfast, sweetheart,' Rick offers, helping you to your favourite breakfast. He puts it on a table in front of you. 'There you are darling,' he says, kissing you. 'Rick, will you stop it!' Taylor growls. 'Stop what?' Rick grins audaciously. 'You know. Calling her names like that.' Taylor looks furious, so you interrupt quickly 'Where are the other guys?' 'Connor and Ivan are coming in later with things to sell. We know some of the guys that have stalls in the market here, and they sell our stuff for us,' Matt explains. 'And Connor wants to see you.' 'Me?' you are surprised! 'Of course, who wouldn't want to see you?' Rick replies. You realise Taylor is getting really annoyed with Rick, so you change the subject and ask about the ponies.
  11. Half an hour later, Matt gets up. 'We should get back, Rick, and put our plan into action.' Rick gets up reluctantly. 'Darling I hate to leave you,' he says, bending over you. Taylor grabs him from behind, half throttling him. 'Just stop behaving like she's your girlfriend!' he says. 'Well, she's not yours!' The two of them start punching each other, and Matt turns to you. 'Bye, ___, I'll see you again really soon, I promise. Take care!' Putting his arms round you, he kisses you gently, looking long into your eyes, and then swings himself out of the window. 'Rick,' he calls. Rick stops fighting Taylor, and comes over to you, goes on one knee and kisses your hand passionately. 'Even your jealous Taylor can't take exception to such chivalrous behaviour,' he says. 'Has anyone ever told you how beautiful your eyes are?' 'Frequently,' you giggle. 'Your hand is very beautiful too,' he begins, but is thrust forcibly out of the window by Taylor. 'Au revoir, cherie! I'll see you again very soon,' Rick calls provocatively, and drops down to the ground with the aid of a convenient tree.
  12. Taylor turns back to you. 'I have to go now, but James will look after you.' He gives you a hug. 'Look after her, James.' 'You bet I will! And good luck Taylor,' James replies. 'Thanks. See you guys later.' Taylor goes out, and James rings for the waiter. He looks at you with his charming smile. 'Are you OK to go down to the market now, to see Connor and Ivan? Like Matt said, Connor wants to speak to you, and they always bring the stuff in early, because it attracts less attention. It's a very dangerous life!' His smile fades and he looks at you seriously. 'Sometimes, I don't think we're being fair, to make you live it. It's too dangerous for you...' He takes you in his arms and presses you close to his chest. You feel his heart beating against yours, and you look up into his eyes. At that moment the waiter comes in to remove the dishes, and you two separate, slightly embarassed.
  13. *20 minutes later* You and James are walking up the little cobbled market square in the centre of Kewick. You are still limping, so James has one arm round you, and you are leaning heavily on him. The square is really cute and old-fashioned so you are taking some pics of it. Lots of guys are setting up their stalls with coloured awnings. After a bit you and James spot Connor and Ivan with a couple of ponies, talking to a guy by one of the stalls, while another guy is off-loading their stuff. You come up to them, and James starts talking to Connor. 'Hi,__' Ivan says. 'Hi,' you say, feeling slightly awkward as you've actually hardly met him. But he doesn't seem at all uncomfortable, so you guys sit down on a bench and start talking. You get on really well; he is totally charming, and tells you he is half Irish, which is why he has black hair and white skin. You also find out how fond he was of his brother Ian; he was obviously very upset about him being killed. You feel really sorry for him and give him a hug. 'Thank you, mavourneen, you're very kind,' he says, hugging you back and kissing the top of your head. 'What does that mean?' you ask, slightly indistinctly as your head is buried against his neck. 'Mavourneen? Don't you know?' he smiles down at you. 'I'll tell you some other time, maybe.' You sit up as you see Connor and James coming towards you. '___. Can I talk to you?' Connor asks, a bit abruptly. 'Go ahead,' you grin. 'Alone,' he says, in something approaching a snarl. Ivan gets up. 'Goodbye, ___' he says, taking your hands in his and smiling down at you. 'Don't forget me, will you?' 'Of course not!' you say. 'Bye, Ivan.' He and James stroll off.
  14. '___, I'm sorry, I should never have taken you with me,' Connor says abruptly. 'That's okay,' you say. But he still just stands looking down at you, not smiling. You are beginning to feel slightly awkward. (you: i never feel awkward! me: maybe Connor's never looked at you like that before hahaha) His black lashes are half veiling his green eyes. 'It's not okay really,' he says at last. 'I keep risking your life. I'm not a good guy to look after you. Any of the others would, but not me.' He seems to be struggling with some inner emotion. At last he says,'Well, I'm sorry, ___; I think you will be better looked after now. ****' he swears softly. 'How many guys have you made fall in love with you?'
  15. You say, 'Why do you ask?', indignantly. He curls his lip scornfully. 'You know, or you think you do. You think I'm in love with you, don't you?' 'No, why would I think that?' you say. 'Well you ought to, if you don't. But you'd be wrong!' You don't quite follow his logic here, but OK he is a bit crazy so you don't interrupt. He goes on, spitting the words at you 'You think you can make anyone love you just by looking at them, curse you, curse you...' He grips your shoulders and stares into your eyes. 'Curse you,' he says bitterly. 'But I won't love you, if I have to kill myself first, I will never love you!' He turns on his heel and strides away.
  16. You are sitting there, slightly confused and wondering where the other guys are, when you feel a hand on the back of your neck. 'Don't move,' a voice hisses.
  17. OK, the usual final q, who do you like? (Answers in alphabetical order.)
  18. Hahaha, that wasn't the final question! OK, this is the last one now. Please comment and rate, I need to know what you think :) thank you! ok bye now :D

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