angel in the midst

your name is cory you and your mom move around alot, but now its your 8th grade year and you have to go to a private school when things get weird and find out what you really are.

what do i write in this box? i dont know but i'll say something random, i love shinedown and breaking benjamin, i love rock and country music so dont be haten!

Created by: shinedownlover

  1. "Cory hurry up ur gonna be late for ur first day at school, get in the car!" my mom says."awww i dont want to i hate my new uniform and all the skirts u got for me are too small all the guys will gawk at me." "nonsense its really cute on u and dont u want to get they guys attention." my mom said with a big grin that embarrassed me. "i dont want that kind of attention mom." "oh come on... oh well that didnt take long at all heres ur new school. oh this is gonna be great. you know there is only one class for each grade. well that is except for ur grade there is two classes. oh ima gonna drop u off and pick u up at three ok. u have to tell me everything about the boys ooooh so much fun!"
  2. i walked up the steps of the school with my heart pounding a 100 miles a minute. i hate the first day of school. luckily for me the principals office was right around the corner when i walked in. i met my principal his name was Mr. Cwarez. he gave me my map and schedule. "now why dont u just go to ur home room and meet ur teacher but tomorrow u have to attend morning assembly." "yes sir" i said as i walked to my class. there i met a short,thick woman with glasses and short brown hair. "excuse me but is this the 8th grade home room?" i asked as i walked in. "oh yes it is, you must be Cory." "yes" "well im Mrs. Brewer please have a seat at that desk." she pointed to the back of the room."okay, um can u tell me where the rest room is please?" "oh yes it is down the hall and to your right." "thank you" as i headed out the door. i only asked that so i didnt have to stay in the room with the awkward silence. i was walking around the corner when i ran into someone and fell to the ground.
  3. "oh im so sorry" i said as i finally looked at who i hit. "no no im sorry it was my...fault" he paused as he looked at you. he was tall, muscular, had dark brown hair and bright lime green eyes."are are you knew?" he asked me. "ya" "well my names Dillon,um...if you want i can walk you to your classes today, since your knew and all." he said kind of nervous, it was really cute. "sure ide like that,my names Cory." as i blushed at the way he kept looking at me. "Cory?...I like that name." "thanks i said blushing again. "oh morning assembly is about to end. you wanna go back to the home room with me?" "ya sure, besides i dont wanna be late. its always awkward being the new kid and have everyone stare at you when you walk in." i shuddered and he laughed at me. then the bell rang. "oh um i think we should go, assembly just ended." so i followed him back to the room. i went and sat down at my desk. then i noticed Dillon sat next to me. "You dont have to sit by me you know. you can sit with your friends if you want." "gasp- are you saying im not your friend im so hurt" he said in kind of a queerish voice, it was funny so i laughed. "you know what i mean." "Na ide rather sit by a pretty girl. besides theres not very many people here that i can stand to be around." i blushed "you know your cute when you blush" he said.
  4. i laughed and then the people coming in the class noticed me...crap! all they guys would just stare at me and then i heard a chubby little guy with freckles and redish-brown hair dare the guys to do something i didnt hear what he dared but all of them said no except on guy who was tall, blonde, blue eyed, and skinny.
  5. The bell rang and i asked Dillon what class he had next. "P.E. you?" "oh hey i have P.E. too" "ok you can walk with me." we went to the gym room and he introduced me to the P.E. teacher coach Drumin. he was a big bald buff guy, he was a little scary looking. he asked if i had played any sports before and he was surprised that i played basketball. he gave the girls a volleyball and told me it was required that i have to take my skirt off for P.E.
  6. I saw all the guys stop and stare at me when I had taken off my skirt. I felt awkward just standing there.I saw one guy get hit in the head with a ball and he still didnt take his eyes off of me. the ball rolled over to me so i picked it up. the tall skinny blonde guy that said he would do the little chubby guy's dare stepped up to take the ball. instead of handing it to him i took a couple of dribbles and shot the ball from a little closer then half court. all the guys looked in awe as it went in the hoop, nothing but net. so i turned and walked off to the girls to play volleyball. i heard some of the guys talking. "Did you see that? shes better then you man, s--- shes better then me." i heard the guys say. when i got to the girls a real skinny blonde girl walked up, she was so skinny she looked sick and you could see her spine. "nice shot. im Robin, ya ive been the volleyball captain for 3 years now" she said as she flipped her hair. "alright so lets play." i said back to see what shes got.she just smirked and took a volleyball. she tried to hit the ball overhand but she didnt even reach the net with the ball. she looked embarrassed and said it "slipped" so she tried again but underhand this time,she barely made it over. so it was my turn and she tossed me the ball to do my serve. i decided to show her off. so i took a couple steps back. "what are doing?" she asked me annoyed. "serving" i said back and threw the ball out in front of me. i ran and jumped in the air. then i came down and smacked the ball. it was amazing it went right over the top of the net and shot downward. the chubby freckle faced boy screamed as the ball wizzed by his head. then it hit a guy in the back of the head and he dropped like a rock.
  7. everyone was in awe as i ran over to see if the guy was okay "oh my gosh! are you okay? im soo sorry!" then he turned to look at me. he was gorgeous, with his swishy/emo black hair cut, his toned muscles and best of all his turquoise eyes that poped and sparkled.
  8. "are you okay?" i asked again wondering if i needed to get him some ice. "ya im okay but im a whole lot better now that i see your the one who hit me" he said with a wink. "um can i get you some ice or anything?" "well since you asked and my head just hurts soo much you could go to a party with me tomorrow, as my date." he said with a smirk "umm..i dont know...." i said hesitating and blushing. "oh come on its the least you can do for trying to kill me." he said with puppy eyes. "fine i'll give you my number and i'll see if i can go to the party." "by the way im Josh" "cool" and i left him there. "well dont i get to have your name?" "maybe...later" i called back. then the bell rang and i went to find my skirt, i couldnt find it. i looked around and then i looked around the gym to find Josh skipping around in my skirt. i couldnt help but laugh. "hey give me back my skirt i need that." i yelled out across the room. "not until i get your name and number!" he yelled. "fine but give me my skirt first and you can have it."
  9. so he gave me my skirt back i took it "now do i get to have your name?" "i'll give you my number first." i said and grinned at him. "fine but i'm gonna get your name either way." so i went and got my pen out of my backpack. i walked back over to Josh and grabbed his arm to write my number on, and walked away. "hey dont i get to have your name?" he shouted down the hall. "check under the number" i yelled back. as i walking down the hall i was looking for my science class. i heard someone behind me. "hey baby" it said and i felt someone grab my 'hind-quarters' i spun around on them and pinned 'em up against the wall by their collar. "what the he// do you think your doing?!?" i growled at him as a recognized it was the blonde guy who took the dare from the chubby kid. he laughed and said "wooow your a feisty one arnt cha." that made me even madder. he got scared and gasped
  10. "i found her" he whispered "what do you mean you found her? if what you mean by that is you found a girl who is fixing to break your nose your d-mn right!" "no i found the ones whos eyes turn white." he said scared.

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