An Odd Medieval Tale.

* PLEASE READ* I know i took for-ev-eron making a new one but i just moved the i got my DS taken away, then i lost all three of my stylus. so ya.... so sorry. This quiz is not a flirting game, it is just a story. If this one works out, then I'll make more. Please comment telling me what you think about my idea and rate. Thanks- Icinoddness.

"Even if I say it'll be alright. Still i hear you say you want to end your life. something something just stay alive. Baby were turning around 'cause its not too late its never too late." Can't remember much else at 3:52 in the morning, but "It's not too late, its never too late."

Created by: icinoddness

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  1. This is a story in a quiz. This is not a flirting game where you choose which guy you like. Its just a story. If you don't like it, you can leave. If you do like it, great.
  2. The year is 1647. Europe is in its medeival time. Your are Princess Serena. You are the only heir to the throne, as in, if you die they will probably have do invent elected officials. You are sitting in the castle, hating royal life. "Its so boring, I'm stuck inside, I have nothing to do, and I'm bored!
  3. Your father is too busy to deal with your crap. "You're not stuck inside, you can go to the garden." "Ever since you fired that groundskeeper, it looks terrible!" "Well, then read a book." "I've already read all the books I can understand!" You decide that bugging your father won't get you anywhere, you go to your chambers. You don't mean to be such a pest, but it has been hard ever since your mother died.
  4. You decide to bug the royal guards. You love messing with them. "Hello, who has tried to sneak in today?" "Nobody, your highness." You ask them this everyday. You don't really know all your guards, but two you know very well. Aaron, who you are quite fond of, and Darrell, who, if he weren't such a good bodyguard, you would have gotten rid of by now. Darrell is very big, brutal, smelly, and extemely unlikable. Aaron, is really nice, and funny, when he is off duty.
  5. Aaron says to you, " If you'd like princess, we are going out tonight and you can come if you let us be for now." "Really!?" you ask. He nods his head. You run off, excited. You hardly ever go with the guards, and its always so much fun. You take a nap to pass the time, then you get ready. You hope on to your horse, and your off!
  6. You ask Aaron what you will be doing tonight. "Nothing, you have to keep safe." "So this is a dangerous mission?" "Yes, your highness, we will be dealing with very dangerous things tonight." Its 10:49 at night when you arrive. It sounds like people are being massacared in there. "Aaron what's going on in there?" "Vampires."
  7. "We're dealing with vampires!?" Aaron nods. "That's why you're staying here." You don't object, you're actually really scared as your guards and several of your knights rush in there to kill the beings that are masacaring your people. You never knew a thing about vampires except that nobody was to know of them. You still only know that they kill people.
  8. You see a bunch of vampires rush out of the building as the men run inside. They're no match for their spped, however, and they only manage to kill a few. Most of the vampires run out, but some are brave enough to attack. Their attacks are fatal. You hear screams as the men are killed. A few manage to stay alive, and run out. They are immediately attended to. You see blood, everywhere, and quickly close your eyes. The image horrifies you. After a while, the monsters flee. Aaron asks you to go inside. You hesitate, but you trust Aaron with your life.
  9. You go inside, not sure how you could have not known about this your whole life. Aaron leads you to this door. He busts it open and readies himself. Their is a young man, about your age sitting there looking terrified. Attached to his neck is a vampire. Aaron kills the vampire, then is about to kill the boy. "Wait!", you yell. He pauses, then says "This boy has been partially turned. We don't know if he's dangerous." " I don't care", you say. "Even if there's a slight chance in saving him, I must take it!" Aaron shakes his head. "I'm gonna regret this, but you are the princess." You flinch as he knocks the boy out.
  10. Aaron pulls him on the horse. You ride back to the castle, thinking about what you might have done. This boy could kill everyone, even me, Daddy, and Aaron. You think of losing them forever, but you stop. You just can't bear it. You stare at possibly the worst mistake of your life, and your jaw clenches. But then, you think of how brave and strong Aaron is, along with all of your guards. You just hope they can protect you. When you arrive at the castle, Aaron tells you to ask Darrel to deal with him. You frown but you know he wasn't at the massacre site, so he isn't as tired as everyone else. You tell him to put him in a windowless room, and bind him with chains. You know its cruel, but the image of the blood covered bodies convices you that its for the best.

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