An Odd Medieval Tale. (Part 2)

This is the second quiz. If you have not taken the first one, go back and do so. Thanks to everyone for waiting such a long Time for this quiz. I will try to make them come out faster.

This is and odd medieval tale. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for all my comments. I really love comments and hope I will continue to see them. Thank you! :)

Created by: icinoddness
  1. RECAP- You found a possible vampire and decided to try to save his life. When you wake up in the morning, you go and check on the boy. His eyes are closed, and you have a moment of panic, but you see his chest slowly going up and down. You let out a sigh of relief. Good, he's still alive. You look at him, being very cautious not to wake him, and see he's very attractive. Under a layer of dirt you see scruffy black hair that looks as if it hasn't been trimmed in a while. You think it makes him look crazy-cute. He's got pale skin, and a strong jawline that is combined with a nice build that suggests a work oriantated life. You've never seen a boy you've thought was very attractive, and this sends shivers down your spine.
  2. You quietly sneak out, wondering what you will do if he is a vampire. You go find Aaron, and ask him to find a vampire specialist. Aaron gives you an 'are you sure' look. Yes, Aaron! I have to know for sure if he's a vampire! "Alright, Princess, if that's what you want." He laughs to himself as he hurries off to look for one. You go off to the library to try to find books on vampires. You push on the dusty, crumbling door that seperates you from your favorite place in the castle. You walk on the worn cobblestone floor you know so well, and you wonder what you'd do without this place. The library was huge, filled with books with launguages that you didn't understand, some that you partially understood,( You've only begun learning Latin) and some in your native toungue. You search the library for anything about vampires. You find seven. Two you can't understand, one is in Latin and is a fairytale, and the other four are keepers. You open the first book and begin to read.
  3. Its a small book filled with ways to kill vampires. You decide not to read that one. You don't want to be thinking of this next time you see the boy. The next book is facts about vampires. Its says they usually have pale, very cold skin. They can't stand sunlight, must avoid crosses and crucifixes, have super speed and heightened senses. A vampires trade mark is sharp, elongated canines. You take note of all these things. The third book is written by a man who had an encounter with a vampire. "As I was walking home, I felt like someone was watching me. I ingnored it after a while, fearing paranoia. I walked home glad that my wife and two kids were waiting there for me. I just couldn't shake the feeling off me though. I walked through the door and was immediatly weighed down with 50 pound weights on my legs. I smiled. "Lucy, Maria, get off your dad's legs." my wife said. "It's fine honey." Even though I was dead tired, I walked with them on my legs. The smiles on thier faces was worth it.
  4. "I heard a noise, but nobody else seemed to hear it, so I ignored it. Paranoia, thats all, I thought. Then I heard it again. It was louder this time, and my wife heard it too. She told the kids to go to their rooms, but it was too late. A creature I thought was a human at the time burst in through a window. It lookked around, then killed my family. ( I would get more descriptive, but I didn't want it to get my quiz kicked off. ) It was tormenting me, saving me for last and making me watch the rest of my family get killed. I braced myself when it came tward me and-" "Princess Serena! Are you in here?!" I jumped forty feet in thea air as Aaron called me. I even fell out of the chair. "Yes, I'm in here, what is it?" "The man you told me to find is here, waiting for you. I had forgotten I even sent Aaron out. "Tell him I'll be right out." I said.
  5. I put the books away and followed Aaron out. The vampire expert was standing there, waiting for me. "Your Highness." he said, bowing to me. "Why don't you sit down?", I said. He sat, along with Aaron and me. I looked at the specialist. There was nothing "special" about him. He was of average height, with brown hair and eyes. "My name is Henry. I'm sorry if I'm being to invasive, but might I ask why you need a vampire specialist?" Aaron explained for me. "We have a young man in the castle that may or may not be a vampire. We want to know which." "Well, I will need to examine him." Henry said. "We will take you to him", I said. We walked down the hall to the room I had told Darrell to put him in. "He's in here.", I said. Aaron opened the door slowly, positioned for an attack. When nothing happend, he half-relaxed. The boy was still as he was this morning, barely breathing but alive. Henry had a case that was now opened, filled with utensils. He used them to examine the boy. I could see Aaron bracing himself everytime he pulled one out, ready for an attack. I douted he would actually attack me, but you can't yell at him for doing his job protecting my life. When Henry was done, he looked at us and said, "Well this is peculiar."
  6. Almost exploding from anticipation, you practicly scream "What?!" You looks at you in a moment of suprise, then says " I'm in awe. Part of him suggests he is human. Another part suggests he's a vampire." You stand there in shock, not really knowing what to say. You don't have to. Aaron does for you. "What do you mean 'part'? Is he a vampire or not!?" Henry just thinks. "Hmmm... I wonder. Maybe, but probably not." Aaron looks like he's ready to kill the man. "What are you mumbling about!" Henry calmly states, "I know of only one thing he could be, but, from what I know, that's immpossible." Aaron looks ready to explode. "Aaron, why don't you sit down while I figure this mess out." He agrees. You've never seen Aaron so mad, and it sort of scares you. "Henry, what are you thinking?" you ask. "There is a creature I once encountered in my time. It father was a vampire, mother a human. It rarely happens, and when it does, the child usally cannot be kept to term. If they actually live, and this is extremely rare, then the child would be very powerful, but not as powerful as a vampire. Such beings are called Dhampirs.This is not the case for this young man. If what your guard tells me is true, then the vampire did not finish the process of turning him into a vamire. He could still be a dhampir, but this is mind boggling. If he is a dhampir, then it must be because the transformation was not complete."
  7. You're not quite sure what to make of this. "So, he's a dampir, still a vampire but not quite?" "Maybe. I don't know. With your permission, I would like to examine him and view what he's like when he wakes up." You agree. Its just about dusk anyway. You decide to tell Aaron after Henry is sure, so he doesn't get upset over nothing. You wait untill dusk. You see the possible dhampir open his eyes. You see them for the first time. They are an almost cerulean ( sorta in between an icy blue and navy. Cerulean is my favorite color of blue). All of a sudden, they turn blood red. The boy is struggling against his binds, trying to breakfree of the chains. He's gnashing his teeth at you and you all but crap your pants (:P, lol) You jump back, absolutly terrified.
  8. You look, and Henry is absolutely calm. He doesn't seem the least bit terrified. "He's scared too, you know. He wakes up, after an attack on his home by a bunch of vampires, and he wakes up chained to a table. He has no idea you are the one chance of his living, no idea that he's a possible half-vampire. He's just wants his family. You should try to talk to him when he calms down." "Talk to him? How? He can't talk." Henry gives you an all-knowing look. Of course he can, all vampires can. They just prefer not to. Hmmm..... considering he hasn't broken those chains, he not a full vampire." You are astounded."What! You knew that if he was a vampire he could break those chains!" "Yes," he says,"but that was highly unlikely." "His whole exsistance is highly unlikely!" you practicly scream. You could have been killed! How could he not say anything!? "Please calm yourself, you're scaring him even more." You look at the boy, and calm down.
  9. Henry conlcuded that he was a half vampire. You explain this to Aaron, and despite him being skeptical at first, you manage to convince him.
  10. Ok, since I kinda made this one too long, I'm gonna half to cut it off here. So, don't pay attention to the rest of the questions.

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