Am I (gasp) A Minion?

If there was such a thing as "minion," and we all know there's not, but if there was, how would one be able to identify one or even know if they were in fact one?

This quiz is designed to answer that question and put your mind at ease. If there was such a thing. But there's not you know. I swear. Seriously. Ask anyone.

Created by: Paulie
  1. Someone posts a picture of their newborn baby daughter. You first reaction is to:
  2. The guy across the street from you parks in your driveway. Incensed you:
  3. If you were a tool you'd be a:
  4. Your favorite part of your wedding was:
  5. The famous person you'd most like to meet is:
  6. You got to a ball game and end up sitting behind some ranting lunatic old man. You ask him to:
  7. Delgado is to Wright as:
  8. A thread bemoaning a long losing streak appears on the forum. You peruse the posts looking to:
  9. Word association: OLD_______
  10. Your plane is going down and you have minutes to live. You:

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