would you give your life for someone else?

are you willing to give it all? would you, could you, die for someone? A friend, a stranger, maybe *gasp* your mother. take this awesome quiz and find out.

how selfish are you. Are you willing to pay for someone else's meal? thier car or maybe their life? or do you need to work on your compassion. take the quiz and find out.

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your on a boat with your true love. the boat starts to sink there is only one life jacket. you might be able to swim to shore without the jacket. do you:
let your partner have the jacket and try to swim it.
you take the jacket and make your partner try to swim it.
you have ever stood up for someone who was being bullied or threatened.
do you have a strong set of morals.
not really i just do as i please
have you ever let someone else go in front of you at the line to a checkout
i think i did once
no if im there i'll stay there.
do people say you are very considerate of others?
yes all the time
would you give a 20 to a homeless man.
no but id go get him a burger.
no way.
Have you been depressed recently (last 6 months or so).
yes, and still am.
yes but im good now.
do you think humans are really just animals. think carefully.
no we're different
not sure.
yes humans are just another animal.
have you ever willingly took the blame for someone else
yes and got punished
yes but was able to sweet talk my way out
for 300million dollars would you let someone kill a loved one. be honest.
i'd have to think about it.
for 300 million dollars would you kill a loved one. again be honest.
i'd have to think about it.

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