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  • There is a 6% chance that you are a lesbian.

    Go find a guy! Your score indicates that you do not share the interest or characteristic profile (including those which have been scientifically measured) of most lesbians.

    did the person who made this quiz lesbian? juss wondering...

  • There is a 39% chance that you are a lesbian. 39%

    The jury is out. You have some interests and characteristics of lesbians, but they are not dominant in your life. The acid test is to determine if you have ever had romantic feelings toward another woman.

    Yeah, I have crushes on anyone who I think is good looking and smart. I have generally thought over some time I must be Bi. My dogs a girl though and I love her so much ^_^

    Sarah Louise
  • I identify as pansexual but recently I've been thinking about being with girls a lot in every way that says romantic which makes wonder if I am lesbian or I'm just more inclined towards girls

  • This quiz confused me. Most of this is so stereotypical. For some reason I take these quizzes and I don't know why. I need help.

  • If being a lesbian or a gay man makes you a sinner.... then why are there so many of us? We chose to be gay/lesbain the same day you chose to be straight, when we conceived. I know God loves me and watches over me. As for the haters... maybe you should pray it may help you... I know praying helps me.

    • Praying does help

      even tho i think im straight (maybe im bi idk)

      I agree with you

  • Also I'm starting a pool to see if should confess my love to a girl named Mikala if I if I spelt it right she is pretty tall and is also a lesbian and around my age type 1 for no and 9 for yes

  • Thank goodness im not a lez I was scared but I only got 12% . The reason I checked is because I cant seem to forget a old friend who was a girl so I wasnt sure.

    • When u miss a friend its bc you guys were maybe close friends.

  • I agree, if being gay is such a bad thing then why are there so many gays/lesbians. i think the "chosen one" should go f*** themself. Its people like you who make me really angry. Sure, i only got 41%, but im still bi and i still have strong feelings for women, so you all should keep your hateful opinions to yourself.

    Rosetta Quinn
  • 39% hmmmmm questioning if im bi atm, coz the last party i went to i rly rly wanted 2 get off wit this girl although i pecked her a few times, i have wanted 2 do stuff with girls alot in the last dfew months which is worrying considering i have a bf im inlove wit :S owch lol

  • don't read this. you will be kissed no the nearest friday by the love of your life. now you've started reading this don't stop. this is freaky. say your name ten times.say your mom's name five times. say your crush's name three times.paste this to four other quizzes. if you do this your crush will kiss you on the nearest.........friday. but if you don't paste this you will have very bad luck.send this to five quizzes in one hundred forty three minutes. when your done press f6 and your crushes name will appear in big letters on the screen. this is so freaky basically it works

  • Sorry

    I still don`t know,have slept with men did nothing for me.

    fantasised about sleeping with women but have not done so.

    I look at women more than men these days.i just need a woman to come on to me I think and take control

  • I am a dude and only 71% chance at being a lesbian?!

  • 35% I just wanted to try it out

    though I've never had romantic feelings about girls i don't really mind being gay/leb and i don't mind being hit on either I would actually be flattered :)

    Oh I'm 14 by the way

    R A S
  • 0 percent! Lol! Don't know why I took this quiz because I love my men! :)I suppose I wanted to see if it was weird or something.....not sure but very accurate quiz! Please try my new one "What is your body shape?!

  • There is a 1% chance that you are a lesbian.

    Go find a guy! Your score indicates that you do not share the interest or characteristic profile (including those which have been scientifically measured) of most lesbians.

    I have a guy! don't tell me to go find one! :p

  • I am large blonde woman who works in the TAFE system. I am getting so frustrated sexually that i have begun to sack people for no good reason.

    fat robyn
  • There is a 0% chance that you are a lesbian.

    Go find a guy! Your score indicates that you do not share the interest or characteristic profile (including those which have been scientifically measured) of most lesbians.

  • 67% T__T what, what is it? my haircut?

    maybe if I completly shave it I'll look like a lesbian O_-


    I think the left hand crap must be an other religion based idiocy... while the other questions seem to be about stereotypes.

  • I love girls and only kinda like the idea of guys I came out as bi but I dont think its that so idfk anymore help!!!! My school is near 3 churches really religious TwT

  • 50% chance that I'm a lesbian. Haha well I am bisexual so I'd say that's the most fitting answer I could have gotten.

  • @nicenancie

    It doesn't matter if you were little, because lesbian meant a piece of sh-- to you!

    Also, linking back to my other comment, I STILL MEAN IT!

  • Err I'm not sure if whether you have long hands or have pets really affects whether you're lesbian or not...

  • I got 18%, and that's good, I was hoping I wasn't. I would be scared and ashamed. I'm straight. But, what's up with that movie star question and hand bone question??

  • i find it interesting how the vast majority of the comments people are leaving are like "I got a 0%, yess!"

    ...if you are that strongly into your straightness, why are you taking an "am i a lesbian quiz?"

  • 0%. I'm pretty sure i'm straight.. but. who knows. i'm too young to see now. but i love guys and i couldn't live without them. but i have no hard feelings for bi people. or gay/les. it's their choice. but it makes me uncomfortable around some people.


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