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  • Ok so i got 100% and i'm 13!!! I'm literally screaming!!

    Anne100gay Mar 12 '19, 12:27AM
  • i'm 12 and i got 15% it sound good because i'm not gay and i know for a fact. so good quiz

    Jahzara2007 Mar 7 '19, 7:35PM
  • I’m not lesbian let’s GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Andria Mar 6 '19, 6:02PM
  • This quiz confused me. Most of this is so stereotypical. For some reason I take these quizzes and I don't know why. I need help.

    Thornmitzy Dec 20 '18, 9:08PM
  • This quiz is stupid. I should be 99% yet I got 57%. This is based off stereotypes. I am a femme lesbian, so I always score low on these. It doesn't matter if you are right or left handed, all that matters is if you love girls or not!

    animal_lover Dec 15 '18, 9:34PM
  • This quiz is stupid and only based on stereotypes. If you think that you only want to be with girls and not with boys, you're probably a lesbian. It has nothing to do with whether you're left or right handed or whatever.

    hadley Dec 7 '18, 8:18PM
  • Im 71%

    Mila Nov 16 '18, 11:00AM
  • Alright yeah I played with dolls...but I only played as Ken. I’m PRETTY GAY OK

    MegaWomp Nov 3 '18, 5:33AM
  • I got 41% and im 12 ...

    queenrubyy05 Oct 4 '18, 5:27PM
  • I’m a lesbian. I have a girlfriend. She’s so special to me

    Oneonta Sep 21 '18, 11:44PM
  • Sike, I'm panromantic. 👌👌👌

    igotanaccforthis Aug 2 '18, 1:23PM

    Shoes Jul 14 '18, 10:15PM
  • I just don't give a hoot, anymore, about your goddamn elbow being broken.

    kittylover69 Mar 22 '18, 4:06PM
  • I don't care that you broke your elbow!

    kittylover69 Mar 22 '18, 4:05PM
  • that is not correct

    kittylover69 Mar 22 '18, 4:04PM
  • 52%. You couldn't be more wrong. It would be more like 98%.

    BabieK Oct 16 '17, 10:04AM
  • I got 44%. Well, I should really have 85% haha.

    Seallbay Sep 17 '17, 10:19AM
  • 49%??? wrong af I'm super gay

    spicyboi Sep 14 '16, 8:13PM

  • Phew,i got 9%..... I don't judge lesbians,though,i have kissed a girl,but i was so young so... Yeah...

    ZealousZoey Jun 26 '16, 2:14AM
  • 50% chance that I'm a lesbian. Haha well I am bisexual so I'd say that's the most fitting answer I could have gotten.

    Akanela Jun 11 '16, 9:31AM
  • @nicenancie
    It doesn't matter if you were little, because lesbian meant a piece of sh-- to you!
    Also, linking back to my other comment, I STILL MEAN IT!

    Saara May 18 '16, 1:55AM
  • or a tall girl that looks like she lesbian or bi

    Theylove_my_cake Mar 23 '16, 10:58PM

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