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  • There is a good chance that you are a lesbian based on your personal characteristics and interests. You should do more reading and research into the subject. Also, spend some time reflecting objectively to determine if you have had romantic feelings toward women.

    Aha! I actually like girls :D I'm bisexual, but, more into girls, no wonder I got what I got :D

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    • I got you are 83 % idk about everyone else but I know this is true for me I was just bored so took a quiz even though Ive dated a girl its also 2am lol

  • MMMM well I took thiz quiz cuz i don't know why but sometimes i think about making out with a girl but I think no way I can't do that. I have a boyfriend, and I love him soooo much, and I really enjoy when we do it. Well well well I got 13% so I think im not a lesbian, and Im happy to know that, of course I respect everyone's choice, and as long as you feel happy with yourself, there won't be a problem ^_^

  • Not a very accurate test, but still fun. Although the question about a girl flirting with a good looking guy, should rather have been a "a good looking girl flirting with a guy", then my answer would have been different. And whats up with the movie star question. Just cos you like male actors, it doesn't mean you are not lesbian.

  • 72%. I'm surprised that I didn't get 100% considering how much I LOVE other girls. I'm not into guys in the least bit, and never will be, I'm sure. I've always known I was a lesbian. The good thing is that I have really good look. I'm not beautiful, but definitely pretty. I'm happy about that fact and I like other good looking girls as partners.

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  • I'm more shocked and angry at the people here who follow certain religious beliefs and don't do any justice to them. We have to respect others, and it's not something that needs to be profoundly studied or analyzed, you do it and that's that. It's because of these foolish arguments that people begin fights,stereotypes, war,bullying,so on and so forth. I read an article about what's going on over at Egypt, and while Muslims prayed, Christians formed a chain to protect them. I find that to be the one of the most beautiful acts of kindness and respect done so far. And it's not just with religion,ok? It is applied as well to people with different sexual orientation. Everybody has rights,a right to be happy, to have a job, to have a home, A FAMILY.

    And "CHOSEN ONE" I'd like you to know that not everybody is a Catholic or Christian. People have their own beliefs and if you know what YOUR God told you to do,then do it. You know what he told you to do? To Love, to respect... not to spam at people telling them they are cursed and going to Hell. They will go to the heaven belonging to the religion they follow or in another case if the person is atheist. Also,forcing people to do something isn't a vocation or anything of the sorts.

    MOGGYDEAR: I agree with you as well; CHOSEN ONE you are not God to judge anybody. Just go on with your life and avoid upsetting people, so far I know that's a sin because YOU ARE NOT RESPECTING. So why should God respect you when your turn comes?

    Consider this as well:
    I'm Catholic.
    I support different sexual orientation.
    I'm straight.

    I do my best to not judge others because THAT is also bad.


  • 40% was my result. Also I read some of these comments and people (specifically greenapple595) please don't spread hate. No one needs that and no one asked for that. If anyone is straight and a lesbian-hater please just don't take the quiz or something, I don't really care. But just don't leave hateful comments.

  • Wow, some of you think it's a sin to be attracted to someone of the same gender? In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that: just because something is different than what you're used to, it doesn't make it a sin. It's not unnatural, either, because if God made us all the same, none of us would be unique. Now, is Uniqueness unnatural? Should we all be exactly the same? Hell, no.

  • CHOSEN ONE: I'm sorry, but if you think going around condemning people is your job, then I don't think you're a real Christian. Think what you must, but don't shove your opinion down anyone else's throat. It's GOD's job to judge other people. GOD's, not YOURS. That's all.

  • There is a 46% chance that you are a lesbian. 46%

    The jury is out. You have some interests and characteristics of lesbians, but they are not dominant in your life. The acid test is to determine if you have ever had romantic feelings toward another woman.


    • I'm a closeted lesbian...And I like guys, but not in that way, and the best thing, I have a girlfriend :)

  • 30 percent...hmmmmm- been there once, no intrest in doing it again, that was a long drunk time ago. i will say women are beautiful and yes men have been turning me off 4 over a decade now. whether someone is straight, gay, or bi only thing that should matter is if you and your partner mesh. so i say peace 2 all and wave that rainbow flag proudly

  • There is a 62% chance that you are a lesbian. 62%

    There is a good chance that you are a lesbian based on your personal characteristics and interests. You should do more reading and research into the subject. Also, spend some time reflecting objectively to determine if you have had romantic feelings toward women.

    Okay, this is pretty accurate, I'm bisexual.

  • OK, 37% fair enough.

    @vampire freak1997: That is true, but we all sinned. EVEN you so you are also in the wrong aswell. I have found guys but it is sooo damn hard to find the right one. And i have been going to church. I overslept today so I didn't get to go...which i really needed to especially now!

    My mom is a preacher...and she has told me SOOO many it is totally fine if you want to kiss your friends...(the Bible said something about a "Holy kiss", but not making out) And also if you constantly feel attracted to teh same sex then you are more than likely to not be gay and you just feel the "sensuallity" from them adn that they are basically going through teh same thing or/and they are gay, bi, wahtever.

  • This quiz is stupid and only based on stereotypes. If you think that you only want to be with girls and not with boys, you're probably a lesbian. It has nothing to do with whether you're left or right handed or whatever.

  • I am 19 but got 38% for the last question I've not really had the chance to meet a lesbian or get to know her or to develop feelings to a woman, I've had boyfriends but they piss me off :L never fallen in love either

  • @Candy20

    Just because you add " no offense" to the end of your sentences, that does not make them unoffensive. Saying that you hate lesbians is very offensive.

    Think before you type something.

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  • I got 52%. I'm clearly lesbian and have been together with my sweetheart for 3 years now. The quiz could do better. Stereotypical and biased, I would say.

    Here's a nice coming out story, very real: [no urls]

  • said There is a 54% chance that you are a lesbian.

    spend some time reflecting objectively to determine if you have had romantic feelings toward women. I did have a gf, and we got engaged didn't work out but yes, I know I am attracted to and can have romantic feelings toward women.

  • But guys, you have to be respectful and accept other people's sexual orientation. Not cool to judge someone like that. If anything you should go by this qoute: "Love the sinner, hate the sin." So stfu about it :)

  • 66% and I've never had any romantic relationship with girls

    but my relationship with guys had never been alright so far, now I can see! Am I supposed to make any girlfriend from now on?

  • I think that I'm a lesbian I've thought about it several times but how do i expose my self and What would people think of me i hardly ever imagine my selfish with guy

  • Ah well, I guess links aren't allowed here. Fine, but you can still check it out. Just search for Coming out lesbian at squidoo. It's an interesting story, especially for girls who are having a hard time finding out or accepting their lesbian sexuality.

  • This quiz is stupid. I should be 99% yet I got 57%. This is based off stereotypes. I am a femme lesbian, so I always score low on these. It doesn't matter if you are right or left handed, all that matters is if you love girls or not!

  • I'm a teenage girl and i'm lesbian. It said 70%. I'm Christian and some people say it's wrong to be lesbian and Christian. Some people say it doesn't matter. It's just all confusing. I don't read the bible because it's too hard for me to understand it. I get sidetracked easily. I can't focus on something for a long time. What should i do? D:

  • I got "there is a 55% chance that you are a lesbian". I have been bisexual since I was 12, but have had several guys ask me out. All of which I have turned down. I like their personalities and all, but a male relationship for me has never lasted more than a week and during that time, I have felt like something is terribly wrong. I also think that Johnny Depp is hot. Do I have commitment issues or am i actually a closeted lesbian? I need help.

  • Im not a lesbian, but I really dont see any problem with it. My besties older sister is les, and at some point we walked in on them making out. We didnt know they were les and we flipped out. Were fine with it now. That just kinda freaked us out. I have six gay/les/bi friends. It doesnt bother me at all. I honestly dont get why people are so upset by it. Who knows...


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