ALS Awareness Test

There are many people who know of Lou Gehrig's Disease, but few truly know of ALS. What is ALS? It is a devastating disease and there is NO CURE! See if you know enough to help!

What do you know about ALS? Can you answer the questions and qualify as knowledgeable? Or do you need to brush up on your skills? See where you stand in just a few minutes, take the quiz!

Created by: Crystal Cram of
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  1. What does ALS stand for?
  2. Is there a cure for ALS?
  3. What is the hallmark initial sign in ALS?
  4. Who get ALS?
  5. What is the life expectancy of someone with ALS?
  6. Present treatment of ALS includes how many drugs?
  7. When was Robert diagnosed?
  8. What team collected the most money during the walk in 2006?
  9. How much money did D'Feet ALS for CRAM earn for the walk?
  10. How can you help the cause?

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