Aleads treachery: The war with fire

This is based on the book Aelads treachery do your best. On this Apollo look kilo ha ha you might actually get this right I know you lied ha ha man.. .

If you fail then you should read the book haha haha yeah that was powerful enough for one person and you could get it but the war was not good nooooo.

Created by: Sarah Worn
  1. Who is Andeksu in the war with fire
  2. Who is the raggedy wizard in the book
  3. Why does Cramet get angry with Portof and tell him to leave
  4. Why does the rider save Portof
  5. What happened to Aelad
  6. Who attacks first in the chapter "Two Attacks"
  7. What are the four brothers names
  8. Who do the four brothers meet on the Bundundor MountainRidge
  9. Where does Portof lead them
  10. Where are the brothers going and why
  11. Who helps rescue Cecilia
  12. Who is the meletal they meet on the way back home
  13. Who tells Alton Aelads plan
  14. Why didn't Cilgor make it with aid
  15. Why does Altons sword shatter

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