Adele’s Harry potter quiz

So you think you know Harry Potter, his friends and amazing adventures? Put yourself to the test with this fabulous quiz of 10 Harry Potter questions to test your knowledge.

Who knows Harry Potter best? Why not get together with your friends and try Adele's Harry Potter quiz together, you can take turns or choose the questions you think you know best. Or just try to answer all the questions between you picking the one you both agree is the correct one.

Created by: Adele of Adele
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  1. What is Harry's uncle called?
  2. Who turns into a werewolf?
  3. The Knight ......
  4. How many houses are in Hogwarts?
  5. When his parents died, how old was Harry?
  6. Who bought Harry's firebolt?
  7. When you leave hogwarts how old are you?
  8. What is Pavati's twin called?
  9. In his 5th year how old is Harry?
  10. Which fruit do you tickle to get into the kichens?

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