About Tayemar

tayemar is cool. she is strange, funny, dead (just kidding), and has no kids. haha that was random, i am bored though. i like sheep. sheep are funny. this is so random bye

enjoy this quiz, merry christmas, no-o bodys having fun. don't look at the pa-ast it has ne-ever begu-u-un! haha that was also an act of randomness haha bye

Created by: Frank

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. wat color is her hair?
  2. how old is she?
  3. wat is her favorite color?
  4. what pets does she have?
  5. wats the name of her bestest frends?
  6. wats her favorite food?
  7. how many americans does she know?
  8. wat color are her eyes?
  9. does she wear glasses?
  10. wat is she allergic to?
  11. wat size shoe is she?
  12. is she a lefty or righty?
  13. does she have any siblings?
  14. if you said yes, is it a boy or a girl?
  15. Does she have earrings?
  16. does she love doggies?
  17. Does she have a boyfriend?
  18. does she play an instrument?
  19. if so, what is it?
  20. last one. does she like hippos?

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