The Random Quiz •{]:^]

There are many smart people in the world. We don't care about them. This thing says paragraph one must not contain gibberish or excessive repeating characters. That meens I cannot just fill this box with space. Oh well.

This is the random quiz! Where most answers will equal Meh dee blah dee boop bop she baddadada don't care meh meh bloc de sheep nope lee ta do flop. Have fun and comment for another one!

Created by: HoneySenpai_

  1. Ok. This is a random quiz. Let's start of by choosing a greeting, you get me? Hi :3
  2. Ok. What are you doing right now??
  3. Can you choose a smiley face? 0.o
  4. Which did you choose? 0_o
  5. Are up you bored yet? I am starting to be... Let's shake things up a bit
  6. C4N YU0 R34D TH15? Olny Sramt Plopee can. I 4M M1X1NG UP NUMB3R5 and Ltretes S0 Y0U G3t cnoufesd. Haahheeh!
  7. Joking. Everyone can read that rubbish.
  8. What would oh say if I told you all this was not being judged. Every question had a random number of + points added.
  9. It's true
  10. Pleas rate and comment. I will make another!

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