Are you a sheep or a cat or a sheepcat?

You may have heard of a sheep, or a cat, but surely not a sheepcat? In this quiz you will find out whether you are mostly sheep, cat or sheepcat. Go on and find out.

Some people will be sheepish. Others with be catish. But the most unique out of all of these is sheepcatish. Now, do the quiz and FIND OUT! From then you could only guess but from now you will always know...

Created by: Lisbot
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  1. Can you purr, hiss or meow like a cat?
  2. Can you baa or butt like a sheep?
  3. Can you sound like a cat and a sheep? (Purr/hiss/meow and baa/butt or all or some of both)
  4. Are you mad about cats or sheep?
  5. Do you have sheep milk?
  6. Do you have cat milk?
  7. Which do you like best out of sheep, cat and sheepcat.
  8. What teddy do you cuddle with at night?
  9. What is your favourite animal?
  10. What is your least favourite animal?

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Quiz topic: Am I a sheep or a cat or a sheepcat?