How sheep are you?

The term sheep used here refers to the race of hybrid magical beings of sheep. The first sheep being Carter the sheep this test will determine the sheep magic in you ( if you get zero percent you have tiny traces barley even traceable )

Hope you enjoy this quiz also Baaaaaaaa!!! I'm a sheep I speak fluent animal languages rate and comment if you'd like , the grammer is a little of but it won't let me fix it , just little punctuation or capital mistakes sorry.

Created by: Carter the sheep
  1. Question one: when it comes to people how would you say you act
  2. Do you like to dance ( in private or public )
  3. Are you fluffy
  4. Finsih this nursery rhyme . Little Mary had a lamb >>>
  5. Rp time: you're walking down the street when someone wearing grey runs up to you telling you there's been a kurder and to come with them to safety and that they're the police
  6. Rp time: You see a kid who's lost their parents what do you do
  7. Describe what a sheep is.
  8. Rp time: You're running away froma wolf and you see two paths one with many twists and turns which is very dark but you think you can see the herd . Or the bright happy one but you can't see where it ends
  9. Once upon a time there was a ___ the ___ was skilled in magic and they went on many ___ ..... ( fill in the blanks and complete the sentance )
  10. And finally what's your favourite colour. ( kidding *sweatdrops ) where do you think the first sheep comes from

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Quiz topic: How sheep am I?