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  • How sheep are you?
    [published: Sep 11, 2015, 3 comments]

    The term sheep used here refers to the race of hybrid magical beings of sheep. The first sheep being……

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  • Sade's thread
    "Well I'm A.D.H.D and will be retested for autism ^~^ so don't use that as a ducking excuse , Emma."
  • Vampire soap~
  • Sade's thread
    "Bye Emma."
  • Vampire soap~
    "Cuddle with me" he demanded looking up at silver."
  • Im back. ;u;
    "Hug tackles Oni-San."
  • Legend of the Elementals
  • Sade's thread
    "It's puppet master12 to you. Sorry nee-chan. But yeah we both know its emma."
  • Cody's Thread
    "* unicorn How does spell check make unicorn goat!"
  • Cody's Thread
    "No you're a pedophile taco goat man."
  • Sade's thread
    "I hate when people I don't like call me by my real name so dont. Thank you nee-chan * devours cheese stick in one bite"
  • Cody's Thread
    "Do you feel like drugging tacos and kidnapping little girls you pedophile-taco-unicorn man."
  • Much hate
    "Thank you."
  • Sade's thread
    "Hi emma I mean Christian. So Kait.... Feed me!!!"
  • Sheep go to heaven
    "You're a pedophile a taco and a unicorn - man CODY!"
  • Sade's thread
    "Yeah , I was so confused."

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