A Yu-Gi-Oh quiz

Just a yu-Gi-oh quiz. Test your knowledge about yu-Gi-oh. How much do you really know about yu-Gi-oh. Do you know a lot or a little. Take the quiz and find out.

A simple yugioh quiz. Pretty easy if you ask me. It's pretty simple. None of the questions are extremely hard. It's pretty simple and easy. It won't take long.

Created by: Roman
  1. Which pairing is true?( which person correctly owns the right monster) (REBD= Red Eyes Black Dragon , BEWD= Blue Eyes White Dragon)
  2. How many losses does Yugi/Yami have?
  3. Which of these is an Egyptian God Card?
  4. Who is Serenity?
  5. Which of these is not a character?
  6. Who is Yugi's main monster?
  7. What were the 5 card that Yugi lost on the boat?
  8. What is the Pharaohs real name?
  9. Which of these is not a millennium item?
  10. How many Millennium items are there?

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