A simple love story..;3

well i wanted to write this since the beginning of time XD Dr. spencer reid! i love criminal minds! yay, i love them so much! hehe they awesome people

my favorite color is purple and black! so yeah i hate this so much! ugh anyways heyyyy, i will be adding new characters but you will fall in loe with my crush or so?

Created by: Paws29
  1. This is story that sort of true...c:
  2. "Oh my gosh!" I thought to myself. Dumb dogs ran away with my grey converse with rainbow laces, again. It's almost 7 and the bus is about to come. 'Ugh, i hate when this happens,'I muttered. "Plarcky!" I yelled. A cute little chorkie came running in. "Where is my shoe?!" He gave me the cutest look but i had to keep a straight face. I finally won and he ran off for about 2 minutes and came back with my shoe. "Thank you!" I grabbed it but he won't let go. "Plarcky, give it." He started to growl when I pulled even harder. "Let go!" I pulled even harder and finally managed to get the shoe from him. I sat on my bed, slipping the shoe on. I grabbed my bag and turned off the light.
  3. As soon as I ran out of the door, the bus was close to leaving till the bus driver saw me. I ran onto it, trying to find a seat. 'Great, I have no friends on this damn bus.' I got out my phone and listened to my favorite song, Sorry... by AllStar Weekend. I hummed to the song as it ended. The songs played and played till i got to school. I waited for the person next to me to get off, i jumped off the bus and walked to school doors.
  4. I got into the building, walked to my usual spot. "Hey." I smiled. "Hey." I sat next to my friends, Jeane,Eryn, and Cori. We started talking about random things and laughing like drunk people. (XD soo true)The bell rang and I headed towards my first hour class, World geography. Easiest class ever. I only knew about one person in there which is Crystal. :/. As the period passed the bell rang telling us time for our next class.
  5. As the day passed,lunch time came. I grabbed lunch with my new friends that are so different from a girl like me. I'm the shy, crazy, weird type of girl. They are outgoing, mean, and those girls that fight a lot.
  6. We talked for what seems like years, one of them said, "Let's go dump our tray." I felt like an outcast compared to them. They are beautiful and have their flaws while I am well.... ugly. After i followed them for a few minutes. The bell finally rang. I headed to class, alone. I sat in the 4th row, 1st desk. Biology is harded than expected. I only knew Maria, Brenda, Sabrina, Zach, Brandon, Leo, Jermey, Angel, and Danny. So i worked with sabrina because she is not only my bestie, she is my cousin. (c: hehe)
  7. Class flew by and so did my next periods. Spanish,I hate it, i mean c'mon hello i'm mexican here! Sat on the 2nd row, 5th chair. Close Brandon, the guy who is popular, cute, and weird. He has perfect brown, medium length hair. Gorgeous honey colored eyes, pale flawless pale skin, perfect body, and tall. I had a crush on him for a while but i knew he wouldn't fall for a girl like me. I mean come on, I am sort of white and tan, longish brown hair with red and blonde highlights, sort of chubby, flawless skin, though, and short.... I mean do i sound pretty?
  8. I couldn't stop sneaking glances at him. He is sweet but obnoxious. (:3 but still cute) We shook hands and held it for a a few seconds. 'Wow, he has super soft hands.' I thought to myself. The day flew by when it was time for us to go home.
  9. I got home, did my homework, and walked my pig. When i finished my chores, i took a shower and changed into my PJS. I crawled into bed, plarcky jumped on my bed and curled right next to me. I fell asleep thinking about, how perfect my life was.
  10. well cliffhanger... i still have to walk my pig and do homework XP. Yes mostly all of this is true... I do have a crush on brandon and know all those people but yeah mostly all true.. now i know more people!:D haha XD well hope you like and ohh i might put pictures of my friends and me... :P

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