A Simple Hogwarts Story Pt 4

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Hi there! So this is part four in A Simple Hogwarts Story. It's been a while since I've updated this one, I know but I was in the hospital and stuff..

Okay well there aren't multiple choices neither is there a long one because my battery is almost dead in my laptop. Sad right? I know...but oh to the well!

Created by: Aria

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  1. Okay so my name is Aria as some of you may know and I have started a new series "Mysterious & Unexpected Events."
  2. I am not putting multiple results because I don't have much time on the laptop so it would've taken me long
  3. Okay well I would just like to thank everyone out there who prayed for me to recover. (:
  4. Just be aware that this one is REALLY short because I can't be on the laptop long. The battery is gonna die soon so yeah... . In this one, we left off at Oliver saying that he should go
  5. You sensed the hurt in Oliver’s voice so you turned on Harry, anger boiling up in your veins, “I don’t see why you had to do that.” Hermione said, “_______ can’t you see? Harry fancies you.” You honestly couldn’t take this anymore so you went after Oliver. You felt so horrible, like something just wanted to explode inside of you. Nothing ever stays in the dark. Everyone probably hated you now since you shouted at The Boy Who Lived. You found Oliver sitting on a bench in the grounds, his face in his hands. Your heart shattered seeing him in this state. He was too perfect; you didn’t deserve a boy like him, or so you felt. You watched his hair blowing in the wind and you flashbacked to the day you two met. You started, “Oliver it wasn’t—“ He looked at you, tears dripping from his brown eyes, those soft brown eyes, the ray of sunshine. He breathed, “_______, don’t/ If you fancy Harry, don’t apologise. He’s my mate. I shouldn’t feel jealous of him but yet still, that picture of you kissing him…I-I don’t know. I can’t take it in.” You nodded weakly, “Oliver, I think I’m just confused. I need to clear my head.” He managed to nod but you collapsed on his shoulders, crying. He’s leaving this year, you spluttered, “D-do you really have to leave? I mean, you can come back and train the other Gryffindors.” He smiled, “C’mon. You know I have no choice. I’ll never leave you. No matter what happens, you’ll always be with me, in my heart.”
  6. You didn’t know what was worse, the way in which he said it or how heartbroken you felt. You regained your composure after ten minutes or so. You stood up, “Oliver, let’s make this the best year ever.” He chuckled, “it already is. I met you, didn’t I?” Your insides melted. His Scottish accent was just to die for! You were so close to each other, you could hear his every heartbeat. Leaning in, and as your lips were about to touch, Professor Dumbledore came up to you two and said, “Mister Wood. Miss _______, good day. I suggest you leave that either for empty corridors or your common room. Good bye.” Oliver and you both burst out, laughing. Did Professor Dumbledore give you two permission to snog?! LMFAO! Before he turned the corner, you hear him laughed, “Oh young love.” There was an awkward silence between you two so you hurriedly said, “Well I’ve got DADA classes and you’ve got Potions. I guess we both should get ready for classes.” As you made your way over to the Golden Trio, Draco Malfoy stopped you. He smirked, “So Miss ________, would you like to do the honors of----“ before the boy could finish, Pansy came and pulled him away.
  7. Confused, you made your way to your friends and Hermione said, “Don’t worry. I have your DADA book.” You hugged her and gestured for Harry to walk with you. When you two were alone, he rushed, “I’m really sorry. It was completely wrong of me to take advantage of you like that.” You carefully said, “No need to apologise. I would’ve stopped the kiss if I wanted to right? You’re my friend though and I don’t want to ruin this beautiful friendship that we share. I would hate if there’s an awkward silence between us.” You finished with a sincere smile and glanced at the sky. There was a great blue blanket over it and it was perfectly adorned with a rainbow. When you arrived at your DADA class, Professor Lupin instructed, “Would you please follow me to the other room?” He led you to a room and what is seemed to be a shaking wardrobe or something of the sort. He said, “Inside this is a boggart. Can anyone tell me what is a boggart?” Hermione’s hand shot up, as usual and she said, “A boggart is a shape shifter. It takes the form of your utmost fear.” He beamed at Hermione and awarded ten points to Gryffindor. What if you had to face the boggart, what would it turn into? You concentrated on your worst fear, it was…you really didn’t know.
  8. You were too deep in your thoughts to hear what Professor Lupin was saying. He called on you, “Miss _______, would you like to come up after Neville demonstrates?” You nodded, not daring to refuse a teacher. Scared, confused and on the verge of an outburst, you made your way carefully behind Neville, a few feet away from him. Neville successfully defeated his boggart so now, it was your turn. Ice spreaded throughout your warm body as the Boggart turned into Professor Severus Snape dying. He was bleeding to death, helplessly. Everyone in the room gasped but you just stood there. You tried to say “Riddikulus” but your voice got stuck in your throat and your legs felt weak. Everything and everyone faded around you.
  9. You woke up in Gryffindor’s Common Room, everyone was looking at you, concerned. Groggily, you got up, “How long was I out for?” Oliver mumbled, “Only a couple of hours. It was Malfoy who brought you here. Hermione told me everyone else was just too shock about the form your boggart took.” You nodded and told them you better get to class. You took out your Potions book and took a seat next to Draco and his friend. Draco blushed, “_______ how are you doing?” You smiled, “I’m quite fine now. Thank you.” He nodded and asked, “So…the Hogsmeade trip is in October.” You nodded, not paying attention to him, but focusing on what Harry was trying to tell you. Suddenly, the door banged open and Professor Snape made his way to the front of the class, his robes dragging behind him, usually XD. He swished the Potion you would be brewing on the board and the ingredients appeared under it. You looked at it but you weren’t really studying it. You wondered what if you weren’t a witch. What if Hogwarts wasn’t real? Or what if you didn’t get your Hogwarts letter? You didn’t realize you were just adding random ingredients into the Potion but then, when the potion cauldron melted, you gasped. Professor Snape said, “Five points from Gryffindor.” Your mouth hung open. He only took five points! You beamed at the Gryffindors who gave you a ‘thumbs up.’
  10. After class, you went to your dormitory. You looked at the picture of the Wanted Sirius Black. Should you tell Harry the truth of what Sirius Black really is or would he just make you an outcast and tell you that you’re lying?

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