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  • This was So awesome, I agree to everything you said about aria. Shes amazing and even though she doesn't knowmei love her. Please make a quiz series, I want to read it!

  • Aw, Zane! This was so nice of you! We all love Aria, and I'm glad you've finally seen how amazing she is.

  • This is such a sweet quiz to be thrown among all of the hate on this site. Thank you! *gives a big hug on Aria'a behalf*

    And you should try to write. As @xxblutixx said, the writers here are very supportive and I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that we are willing to offer help and advice. Ignore all hate, there is bound to be hate, don't let it stop you. Keep going I tell you!

  • Thank you for making this quiz for my SAS :3 it's very nice of you ^^

    I agree with her, if you want to start a series, you should! Don't be afraid no one will like it; I believe the writing community here is very supportive. If you ever need help, do ask :)

  • Firstly, Woah! I didn't actually think you would make a quiz for me. This means A LOT. You want a blanket? *offers you a blanket*

    I can't believe I inspire you and for you to think I inspire a lot of people. Oh Merlin, I'm so bad with words. I write for my pleasure, and if others have time to read it, great and if they don't, then okay.

    I hope you start a series though! I'll support you fully and I know the rest of Gotoquiz will support you as well :) You're a great person and I believe that you have the potential to write. x


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