a mysterious love story :3

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there will be much much more drama in this story, don't worry, please appreciate my first ever quiz i made, i put a lot of effort into this quiz :/...

i hope you liked my first quiz, i've been reading stories, and a lot of them...so i decided to do one, so here it is, I will be putting one more too.

Created by: VAMPxKITTY
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  1. It's your first day in 8th grade and you just moved from Singapore and you were nervous, you hated being the new girl, it was strange to you.
  2. -buzzzz- goes your alarm clock, you growl loudly at it and slammed it down hard you knocked it off the table, you were late for school! What do you wear?
  3. after you do you regular routine for the morning, you go down stairs, your parents died a few months ago, your mom died with leukemia and your dad died by lung cancer. So you're living with your two sister, Haze, your little sister that is 12, and Melody that is 25.
  4. You eat your breakfast as fast as you can because obviously you're in a rush. ''Woah Tina, slow down girl!'' Melody said, ''but i'm in a hurry sis, no time to slow down!''
  5. You arrived at school 10 minutes later, you see the office instantly, you speed walked there. ''Hello, may i help you miss?'' ''Uhm, yes I'm Tina Rose, i'm a new student here''. ''Ahh, Tina, yes here is your schedule sweety'' she smirked wide.
  6. 'Science,French,recess,gym,english, lunch,history,and health. You screamed inside your head, you loved science, you always got a's in it.
  7. You walked to your class, you met your teacher, you walked towards him. ''Ah, you must be the new student! I'm Mr. Martin' 'hello, i'm Tina' he grinned ''well, Tina you can sit next to Seth right over there'' you looked and saw a boy with light brown hair with a hint of blonde in it. You walked up to him and sit down ''hello'' he grinned, ''hi'' you returned the smile.
  8. You two talked after the lesson was taught and were doing homework, you found out he plays volleyball,he's a swimmer, and he loves math and science. The bell ringed a few minutes later for the next class, French..
  9. You walked to your locker and grabbed your stuff for french, french was alright for you,but it wasn't your favorite..you were walking head down to french, when suddenly you crashed into a guy.
  10. You were picking up your books, so was the boy, when you two straightened up, you both stared at each other. 'I'm so sorry' you speaked, ''no it's not your fault'' he smiled, he had dimples, it was adorable, 'I'm Josh' he smiled bigger ''i'm Tina'' you said. ''Wow, you have a very pretty name..'' He had crystal blue eyes and messy,dirty blonde hair.
  11. Once you entered the class, you met your teacher, her name was Ms. Jackson. ''You can sit over by Chris'' she said, he smiled at you, he has blonde hair and black eyes, Chris suddenly gave you a look of amusement..He then mumbled something you couldn't hear, you then asked the teacher if you could use the restroom, she nodded, so you went, but when you got there, you felt watched....
  12. You passed out cold, but you last saw the boys...With mixed expressions...

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