A Magical Love Story! Part 2

Alright! Sorry for making this to late I'm just not on that much so that's the reason why the parts are going to take long. And plus I'm brain dead sometimes..

Soo take my quiz/ story quiz. Pleeeeeeeeease? Come on you're making me pissed off. But obviously you don't give a sh-- sorry for meh language. Nah not sorry. xP

Created by: Abby12

  1. You walked back to his house and dropped your stuff in a corner, "So Josh when's the party gonna start?" You asked. "It's gonna start in 5 minutes and we got everything ready so all we have to wait for is the people." Josh said. Right before you could say okay some people came in and started dancing. "Well I guess the party's starting." Drake said, then someone broke the door open and guess who it was.
  2. It was a criminal or kidnapper. "OKAY EVERYONE GET OUT!!!" The guy yelled. Everyone got out and ran except you, Drake, Josh, and Nick. He grabbed all of you and put him in his truck, he started driving and all of you passed out. The next thing you know your awake tied up to a chair and look around and see Drake right beside you, Josh beside Drake, and Nick at the end. All of you are tied up really good which means it's hard to get out.
  3. "Nick try to burn the rope." Josh whispered, "Okay." Nick whispered back. While he was trying to burn the rope he burned his hand on accident. "SH--! OW OW OW!!!" He shouted, "Nick shutup or the guy is gonna come in here!" Josh shouted. "Here we go.." Drake said rolling his eyes. "GUYS ALL OF YOU NEED TO SHUTUP OR THE GUY IS GONNA COME IN HERE!" You shouted, "HEY THAT'S WHAT I SAID ______!" Josh yelled. The guy came in and had a gun in his hand, "I'm gonna shoot one of you and it's him." He said pointing to..
  4. Josh! "Wait you can't shoot me!" Josh shouted, "& why not?" The kidnapper asked, "Because you'll be already dead." Josh said with a smirk. "No I won't!" The kidnapper yelled, "Josh wtf are you doing?" Drake asked him with a whispering voice. "I'll be right back." The kidnapper said walking out of the room. "Not being a wuss." Josh whispered back, "Ok but you're going to get yourself killed!" Drake says back. "Drake stop worrying he'll be just fine." Nick says looking around. "Yeah what Nick said." Josh said, "Hey ______ sorry if we got you into all this trouble we should've had never asked you if you wanted to stay.." Josh said looking at you. "Oh its alright, but it'll be better if we get out of here!" You said back to Josh.
  5. "We will get out of here _____, I promise." Josh said, "Hey I gotta idea." Nick says looking at all of you. "What's the idea?" You asked. "I got a knife right here!" He says getting it out of his pocket, "Nick! Thank god! You're a life saver!" Drake said relived, Nick cut the rope and cut the others all of you we're free. "So where's the exit?" Josh asked, "Ummm oh! There's a window!" You say while pointing to it. "Yes!" Nick said running and jumping out the window, the rest of you jumped out and all of you ran. "There's the way to my house!" Josh says running. All of you followed and arrived at Josh's house. "Phew we're safe!" Drake said, "We're save until that guy finds us again.." You say, "He isn't going to find us don't worry." Josh said smiling at you.
  6. Josh opened the door and saw that the inside was messed up, "Umm can you guys help me clean up my house until my parents get home?" Josh asked. "Sure." All of you say at the same time. You all went inside and picked up all of the trash, "There all done." Nick says looking around. Josh got a call from his parents and they said..
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