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  • Draco Malfoy

    Draco is over the moon that you ditched "Potters Posse" and are now hanging out with him. The more he talks to you the more he can't stop thinking about you.

    hehe....my Draci-bear....

  • I only just found this quiz series! I'm so glad I did! I just wish I'd found it sooner! I loved it and I love this quiz series and I can see this going big one day! I love the great scenes and I can't wait until the next one and as is my catchphrase, I'll be looking.

  • OH GOSHHHH! THAT SCENE WITH OLIVER! Scenes with Oliver in general, I know they're similar to the movie but oh my gosh, they're perfect! I'm pretty much at this point oliver-biased! I was hurt when he picked Harry as the seeker over me...ahh, next one!


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