A Hogwarts love story: The philosophers stone(part 7)

This is part 7 of the Philosopher's Stone. Still got a couple of parts to go..... So in this part it's the first Quidditch match, confront a troll and something about Nicholas Flamel.....?

First match of the season is against Slytherin and Gryffindor, the match is going to be a competitive one-but someone has to go down....literally! Will your magic come in handy today?

Created by: spotty dinosaur

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  1. In Professor Flitwick’s class you used to sit in between Harry and Ron, but after what happened, you needed to move. Hermione doesn't bother you that much; she could help you with spells, besides Draco would be sitting opposite you if you moved, and Neville would be behind you. Before class that day you asked the Professor if you could move, and he agreed, the only problem was you forgot that Ron was next to Hermione too. You just decided to ignore him and it went pretty well. In Flitwick’s class you were learning a simple levitation spell that is apparently "a rudimentary skill to all wizards." as he says. For the past couple of lessons with him the class had been practicing the swish and flick manoeuvres with the wand, and now you had learnt the incantation for it. Everyone got out their wands and pointed it at their feather saying "Wingardium Leviosa." using the swish and flick motion. No one was able to levitate it the first time, and from listening to what Hermione was saying, Ron was about to take her eye out AND he was saying the spell wrong. Really you couldn't care less about Ron but since he was talking to Hermione about a spell, it was almost inevitable that she would have to show him how to do it; and levitate the feather first. The Professor was praising her and everyone went quite to watch the feather. Seamus just kept on saying the spell though, and eventually it exploded again, just like what happened in the Great Hall. You can't tell whether you envy Hermione's skill, or like her for her usefulness and knowledge. What do you think?
  2. Ron and Harry decided to walk with their guy friends, but you don't care about what they are doing, at least you think you don't..Anyway you walked with Hermione a bit behind Harry and Ron. You were walking at a good pace to your next class, but Hermione saw on her watch that she wasn't going to be early to class and she hurried towards class with you walking quickly behind. But as she passed the boys, it seemed that Ron just had to break one more heart. "It's Leviooosa-not Leviosaaa." Ron said "imitating" Hermione's voice, and all the boys laughed. "She's a nightmare! Honestly. No wonder she doesn't have any friends." He continued. You and Hermione heard all of it, she couldn't stand it anymore and stormed past them crying. As you went past the group of boys you heard Harry say "I think she heard." You couldn't help but think about what a "genius" he was. You looked at them with a scowl across your face. You spent the rest of the afternoon in the girls toilets consoling Hermione; you stay with her for as long as she needs like a good friend, even missing dinner which was a special one because it was Halloween. Are you going to stay with her any longer, or do you want to go after being with her for the whole afternoon.
  3. After a while Hermione stopped crying, but as we were about to leave the toilets we found this big mountain troll blocking our path. The troll looked really unintelligent and had a club, you wondered whether you will make it out of the toilets alive. But how did the troll get into the castle, and unnoticed anyway, they are supposed to be really stupid. We quickly backed away from the troll into the toilet stalls. We barely got in before the troll swung his club and destroyed most of the stalls. We were on the floor screaming with bits of debris on top of us. "Hermione, _______ move!" Harry shouted from nowhere. Why was he in the girls bathroom anyway? It didn't matter anyway and you and Hermione started crawling frantically trying to move away from the troll. You barely got anywhere when the troll destroyed the rest of the stalls. You screamed again and stayed still. "Hey pea-brain!" Ron shouted at the troll, at least you think it was at the troll. While the troll was distracted Hermione crawled behind it to under the sink. You just stay put. Right decision?
  4. The troll turned round to see Hermione moving at the last moment. It made an angry sounding noise and swung his club back, luckily Hermione noticed and crawled forward under another sink when the troll smashed the sink she was previously under. "HELP!" She shouted at Harry and Ron. The troll swung his club back again, Harry took out his wand and jumped onto the club. As the troll swung his club forward Harry landed on his head, the troll was violently trying to shake him off and Harry ended up sticking his wand up its nose. You scrunched up you nose and thought about how disgusting that was, but somewhat heroic. Eventually Harry's plan was foiled and the trolled grabbed him by his foot and held him upside down. "Do something.!" Harry shouted to Ron; then the troll swung his club at Harry. Luckily the troll isn't intelligent otherwise Harry would be dead; as one arm swung the club, the other lifted up Harry. Behind Harry Ron was looking about nervously thinking about what he should do. "Do something Ron! Anything!" You called to him, in this situation the argument was non-existing. Ron took out his wand, and as if Hermione could read his mind she said "Remember swish and flick." Ron pointed at the club and said "Wingardium Leviosa!" Knowing this is Ron, does the spell go right?
  5. The troll swung his arm with the club in at Harry again, but only when the troll saw its empty hand did it realize that it wasn't holding the club anymore. The club was floating above the trolls head as he scanned the room for it; eventually it looked up and the club dropped on its head. "Cool." Ron said being pleased with himself, and had a cute smile which made him look adorable. The troll started to sway as it was losing consciousness and dropped Harry on the floor. The troll turned around and took a step towards Harry before it lost consciousness altogether and fell to the ground. While the troll was falling Harry was quickly shuffling backwards on the floor trying to get out of the way before the troll fell on him and squashed him. You stepped out of the broken stalls, Hermione emerged from under the sink and Harry took out his wand from the Trolls nose which was covered in snot. "Harry, Ron how did you know we were in here? Did you know about the troll as well, you came right in time?" You asked them curious. "Neville told us that Hermione was in here all afternoon crying and you were consoling her. Then Professor Quirrell came running in the Grand hall while we were eating, said that there was a troll in the dungeon and passed out. Dumbledore told the prefects to take us back to the common rooms, but you didn't know about the troll so we went to go find you; then we saw the troll heading into the bathroom." Ron said. "And Hermione, _________ i'm sorry." he continued. Do you forgive him?
  6. Just then Professor McGonagall, Snape and Quirrell came rushing in. McGonagall let out a gasp when she saw the troll on the floor, and asked to explain yourselves. Harry and Ron were about to tell the truth when Hermione butted in and blamed it all on herself. 5 points were taken away from Gryffindor, but 5 points were awarded to each of us for "sheer dumb-luck!" as McGonagall put it. You went back to your common room, and before you went to bed, you and Hermione told Ron that you forgive him. You closed your eyes and dream about what?
  7. You were in the Great Hall early that morning eating breakfast. Ron and Hermione were trying to get Harry to eat something because today was the first Quidditch match; whereas you had no problem eating as much as you can after all you did skip dinner yesterday. Either you or Harry today are going to be chosen for Gryffindor Seeker and you're feeling nervous, and just to make it that much worse Snape comes over. "Good luck today Potter or _______. But then again now that you've proven yourself against a mountain troll, Quidditch should be easy work for you- Even if it is against Slytherin. He said in his monotone voice and walked off. "That explains the blood." Harry said as he watched Snape walk off. "Blood?" Hermione asked confused. "Listen, last night i'm guessing Snape let the troll in as a diversion, so he could try get past that 3 headed dog. But he got himself bitten, that's why he's limping." Harry explained. "But why would someone go anywhere near that dog?" You ask puzzled. "The day at Gringotts, Hagrid took something out of the vault-said it was Hogwarts business. Very secret." Harry said. "So you're saying...." Hermione said, and then Harry continued, "That's what the dog's guarding. That's what Snape wants." Then Harry's and your owl started flying towards you, each had a package. They flew overhead and then dropped the package in front of you. It was shaped like a broom; good thing too, seeing the shape made you remember that during practice with Oliver your broom fell and snapped-you were just too shocked to remember. You and Harry with the help of Ron and Hermione quickly open the package. You both got a new Nimbus 2000 broom, yours was from your parents and Harry's was sent from McGonagall. You could have only dreamed that you would have the new Nimbus 2000 when you first saw it in the shop window in Diagon Alley.
  8. Oliver and Percy were next to Harry when he was opening his package. They couldn't help but stared open mouthed at the broomstick. You were looking at Oliver and laughing, he just looked too gobsmacked. "Good thing you've found a replacement broomstick _________." Oliver said as he noticed your new broom. "Oh Oliver!..." You said jokingly, "It's not just a broomstick, it's a Nimbus 2000! Just like Harry's." Oliver smiled and laughed when you said that. Oh! That smile! It gets you every time! "Better get ready in your Quidditch clothes _______ and Harry. The match will be starting soon, and you need to know who is the new Gryffindor Seeker." Oliver told you both and then left. You quickly finished off your breakfast grabbed your new broom and ran back to the dormitories to go get changed into you Quidditch uniform. Once you were changed you left the common room and headed for the Quidditch pitch, but on your way Draco stopped you. "Hey ________ good luck today. Hopefully Oliver will see some sense and choose you over Potter. If you do get chosen, i'm sure it will be much more of an interesting game against Slytherin." Draco said. "Thanks for the encouragement Draco." You said and continued going to the Quidditch pitch. You arrive at the pitch and see Oliver, Harry and the rest of the team, but what you still don't understand is if only you or Harry is going to be Seeker, why does he need both of you in uniform?
  9. You all walk with your brooms after Oliver, who is the Captain. Fred and George are there too giving you reassuring smiles. You all walk into something that almost looks like a wooden shed, which the players are going to fly out of when the match begins. Oliver takes you and Harry over to a part of the "shed" and says, "OK. You both will make excellent Seekers, but i only need one. Now thanks to Hogwarts' own little pranksters...." he looked at Fred and George who were pretending that they didn't notice, "________'s practice was messed up because two certain people thought it was funny to jinx her broom. Now my decision over-looked that. I chose Harry as Seeker in the end, but not because of what happened at your practice. _______ you still come to training because if something happens to Harry, then you will fill in for him. OK?" How do you feel?
  10. "OK. But Oliver, if practice wasn't the reason, what was?" You asked, being curious about the situation. "Well....um....Fred and George's brother,Ron is it?" He said. "Yes. But what about Ron?" Harry asked. "Well.....um......thanks to the rumors Ron was spreading about _________ and me, it would have sounded biased if i chose you. So in the end i only had one option-but you are a good Seeker ________ so i couldn't just exclude you from Quidditch." Oliver explained. Now that had been cleared up, you felt better. You told them good-luck and went to the corner of the "shed", while the players got in formation at the front. "Scared Harry?" You heard Oliver ask. "A little." He replied. "That's alright. I felt the same way before my first game." Oliver said reassuringly. "What happened?" Harry asked quickly. "I....er..I don't really remember. I took a bludger to the head 2 minutes in, woke up in hospital a week later." Oliver told Harry. That surely must have unnerved Harry, I mean it made you pretty nervous and you weren't even playing today! They mounted their brooms and flew off into the arena, you watched them go, then left your broom and went to the Gryffindor stands where you were sure you would find Ron and Hermione. By the time you got to them the game had already started. On the way to the stands you heard Madam Hooch, who was refereeing the game, say that she wants a nice fair game from all of them. Straight away you think of the Slytherin's. Once in the stands you see Draco in the Slytherin one, give you a puzzled look, you understood what he meant and gave him a shrug and a smile. The game looks really exciting. Are you sure you're fine with not being Seeker?
  11. Gryffindor were doing really well and had already scored 10 points. After Gryffindor scored Slytherin started off with the Quaffle; Marcus Flint, the Slytherin Captain, was flying towards the three hoops with the Quaffle-but you couldn't see Oliver. Marcus threw the Quaffle toward the hoop and suddenly Oliver flew up and knocked it away with his broom-Slytherin didn't score. Gryffindor got the Quaffle and scored once again, we were taking the lead with 20 points. Slytherin tried to score again but Oliver caught it. Marcus Flint wasn't very happy, so he got a bat off one of his beaters and hit a Bludger at Oliver. Oliver fell through the hoop and dropped to the ground. You let out a gasp and Gryffindor's booed at Slytherin's foul play while some Slytherin's laughed. The game continued even though Gryffindor didn’t have a keeper anymore, down on the ground you could see some people lift Oliver’s unconscious body onto a stretcher and carry it to the hospital. You started to wonder whether you should stay with Oliver or continue watching the game and supporting Harry. In the end you choose to go stay with Oliver, you are the only “player” that can go see him because you’re not playing and you are completely positive that if any of the other players could, they would see him too. You get down from the stands unnoticed and rush over to the hospital. Did you make the right decision?
  12. Once at the hospital you quickly rush to Oliver's side. You are the only person that is with him apart from Madam Pomfrey, the nurse. You sit at the stool by his bed waiting for him to come round. Madam Pomfrey had left and now the hospital is completely empty except for you two. You're not really sure what to do, you've got nothing to do but sit there and wait for him to wake up-no matter how long it takes. It had only been a couple of minutes, no one had been in and the game was definitely not over yet and you were getting restless; you took his hand and held it with both of yours. Not sure what to do next you started calmly whispering his name, “Oliver, Oliver......Wake up...” It wasn’t really working so you decided just to speak to him, “It wasn’t your fault Oliver; the Bludger hit you before you could respond. The Slytherin’s have to rely on foul play because they aren’t very good compared to Gryffindor. I’m sure Harry will catch the Golden Snitch and we’ll beat those slimy Slytherin’s, you made a great choice choosing him. You’re a great Captain.” You couldn’t think of anymore to say so you just continued to say his name and asking him to wake up. After another couple of minutes he started to stir and was murmuring something; it sounded something like your name. “Yes Oliver, I’m here. It’s OK. You’re OK.” You said as you rubbed his hand that you were still holding. He murmured your name again and went back into unconsciousness.
  13. You sat there for a little longer, but he didn’t come back around. You decided that the match must have been over by now, and everyone must wonder where you went; so you squeezed Oliver’s hand said goodbye to him and left the hospital. You went back to the Quidditch pitch to see Harry standing on the ground, looking like he is about to puke. The game was still going on but you were sure that the audience was mostly focused on what was happening to Harry. He cupped his hands in front of his face as if he was going to catch the puke, but when he opened his mouth the Golden Snitch came out-not sick. GRYFFINDOR HAD WON! Everyone applauded Harry for catching the snitch-who knew he could do it! Slytherin looked disappointed while Gryffindor chanted “Go, Go Gryffindor!” Oliver would be glad to hear that we won. After the game you met the team and told them that Oliver is unconscious in the hospital if they want to see him. They all went to see him for 2 or 3 minutes, but he still hadn’t woken up, and then they left, even you were there longer than them. Once Harry left you accompanied him, Hermione, Ron and Hagrid. You weren’t really paying attention until you heard Hagrid’s gruff voice, “Nonsense. Why would Snape want to put a curse on Harry’s broom.” Snape cursed Harry’s broom? This was all news to your ears. “Why was he trying to get past that 3 headed dog on Halloween?” Harry replied. “How do you know about Fluffy?” Hagrid questioned.
  14. "Fluffy?!" Ron exclaimed. "It has a name?!" You joined in. "Well of course he's got a name, he's mine! Bought him off an Irish fella i met down the pub last year. Then i lent him to Dumbledore to guard thee....." He cut off. "Guard the.....?" Harry said. "Should not have said that. No more questions. Don't ask anymore questions. That's top secret that is." Hagrid said as he tried to stop us from getting the information out of him. "But Hagrid, whatever Fluffy's guarding , Snape's trying to get it." He reasoned. "Codswallop! Snape's a Hogwarts teacher." "A Hogwarts teacher or not, i know a spell when i see one..." Hermione said, "I've read about them, you have to keep eye contact and Snape wasn't blinking!" She continued. "Exactly." Harry agreed. "Now, you all listen to me, all four of ya. You're meddling with things that ought to be not meddled in. It's dangerous. Whatever Fluffy is guarding is strictly between Professor Dumbledore and Nicholas Flamel." Hagrid said angrily, but quietly. "Nicholas Flamel?" You questioned. Hagrid's face dropped and he just walked off mumbling "I should not have said that..." "Nicholas Flamel. Who's Nicholas Flamel?" Harry asked you three. You all shrugged your shoulders-even Hermione didn't know. Who is Nicholas Flamel?

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