A Hogwarts love story: The philosophers stone(part 12)

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This is part 12 of the Philosophers Stone. This is continuing from your detention in the Dark Forest and ends at Harry unconscious in the hospital after defeating Professor Quirrell and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Draco is practically doing everything he can to get back over onto your good side, but the question is-is it working? You can be such a kultz sometimes, good thing though that you have friends that will visit you in hospital.

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  1. “Ok so, Malfoy, Harry and Ron you’ll be with me. Hermione and ____________ you’ll be together.” Hagrid says. Harry and Ron walk over to Hagrid, Draco slowly walks over to him too but looks a little reluctant or distracted. You are quite glad that you’re with Hermione; her cleverness makes you feel safe. “Well, if you two go that way...” Hagrid said pointing in the opposite direction to where he was standing, “We’ll go this way. So.....let’s get going.” He continued and starting walking away; Harry and Ron walked after him without a problem but Draco was acting strange. Every two steps he took forward, he looked back at you and Hermione. “Hurry up Draco. What’s wrong with you?” Said Hagrid who was about 5m in front of him. “I...err...I...I think that two girls shouldn’t....umm....be...be paired together...One should have a....um...a man with them, for....for protection.” Draco stuttered unsure. “Umm...............OK then...” Hagrid said unsure of how to reply, “Hermione you’ll come with us and Draco you can go with ______________ seeing as it was your idea.” Draco suddenly became at ease, like it was his plan to be paired up with you, and before you walked into the forest together, Hagrid handed Draco a lantern.
  2. “Not scared are you ____________?” Draco asked. “Don’t even think about talking to me Malfoy or you’ll find yourself in the forest...alone.” You angrily told him. “I guess we’re off our first name basis again...” He said rather sadly. Instead of answering him, you just started to walk away, like you said you would do if he spoke to you again; but before you took more than a step away he grabbed your arm and said, “We should talk about this. You can’t stay mad at me forever.” He said pleadingly. “Actually I can. All the Gryffindor’s would prefer it like that anyway.” You said and moved your arm away from his grip, but you still kept your back to him. “I know you felt regret about the mistletoe. I felt you feel it through the bracelet.” “I want you to know that it has nothing to do with Gryffindor and Slytherin.” “And what was the reason then?” “It’s just...you know....we’re first years....it’s just strange, and....and....and we barely know each other.” “Oh really...” You said sarcastically. “Yes...yes, it’s the truth! I’m really, really sorry. Can we just be friends again....like proper friends, where we do know each other, please...?” He said convincingly. It sounded like he meant what he said, and he was truly sorry.
  3. You decided to trust that he meant it and decided to have a bit of fun with it, “Wait a minute...” You said as you turned around to face him, “Did Draco Malfoy, the bad boy Slytherin, just use the words: truth, sorry, friends AND please?!” You both laughed a bit and you finally put him out of his torture by saying, “Fine! I forgive you. But you better not give me another reason to get annoyed.” He smiled and said, “Good, and I-“He cut himself off and looked around us nervously, “Did...did you hear that....?” “Don’t me-“You started off but stopped because you heard the noise that he was talking about. You both looked around keeping out a sharp eye for the creatures that roam the forest. “Come on, we should be looking for that unicorn.” You said as you turned around and started walking backwards. Suddenly you tripped over something, you fell on your arm which made it hurt a lot but no more than your head which was whacked against a very hard object. The last thing you remember was multicoloured spots covering your field of vision till it was just blackness.
  4. You wake with a gasp and without thinking you use your hands to push yourself up from your lying down position, which resulted in a big sharp shooting pain up your right arm. You squeezed your eyes shut and clutched your right arm with your left as you waited out the pain. “My arm! ARRRGH! It hurts!” You wailed quite loudly. “Ms ________________, lie back down.” Madam Pomfrey said as she came rushing over to you. You did what she said and laid back down and as the pain lessened you gradually opened your eyes. You were in the hospital wing, that you were sure of, it was something to do with your arm, that you were also sure of but you just didn’t know what was wrong with it. “The pain will be over soon, just stay off your arm. I was just about to change the dressing-you’ve badly sprained it.” She told you as she wrapped your arm in new bandages, you tried to not groan as she placed it on your arm but it was very hard. “Ugh....I feel like I’m going to be sick...” You complained to Madam Pomfrey once she finished putting on the new dressing. “Well that’s probably from being unconscious for so long. You were brought in yesterday night; it was long enough for a nice young man to bring you some flowers.” She said and pointed to a vase of daisies on the bedside table. “How long has it been...?” You asked still feeling as if you’re about to throw up. “Hmmm....well I would say....almost a day.” She said and walked off to tend to other patients. You just closed you eyes and tried to forget about the horrible feeling.
  5. You must have dozed off but when you woke, you felt a warm hand holding yours. You lazily opened your eyes to see Harry sitting on the chair; he was the one holding your hand. You took your hand back slowly and looked around you; Ron and Hermione were on the opposite side of the bed. “_______________, I thought.....I thought that you were still knocked out.” Harry quickly said. “No, no it’s OK. I woke up yesterday night. So did you...did...you....did you find the unicorn...?” “Well...I...err; I kind of went off on my own. I found the unicorn though..., but You-Know-Who was there drinking its blood. A centaur saved me from him, and he told be something, which means that we’ve got it all wrong! Snape doesn’t want the stone for himself; he wants the stone for Voldemort. With the elixir of life he’ll be strong again...he’ll.....he’ll return.” Harry said solemnly. “But what-“ You were cut off as Madam Pomfrey came and told them that their time was up; once they were out of hearing she told you that you have an unexpected visitor. Before you could ask who it was Draco stepped in front of you. “I see you’re finally awake.” Draco said. “Yep, even though I have no idea how I was knocked out.” You replied. “It was quite funny really...You being such a clever person decided to walk backwards, not even looking where you’re going! You tripped over a tree root, fell on your arm and whacked you head against a tree.” He started off saying but by the end of it, it was hard to understand what he was saying because he was laughing so much as he remembered how it happened. “Thanks Draco. Only a true friend would laugh at their friends misfortunes.” You said sarcastically.
  6. “It was just funny...OK?” Draco said as he got over his laughter. “Hey Draco, the bracelet you gave me, it’s gone a bit strange....I’ve been wondering how to fix it....” “Have you been wearing it?” He asked. “Not for ages.” He gave a half-hearted laugh and said “Have they turned into snakes, slithering and hissing? “Yes. They are moving about in my drawer. I was going to touch one but it looked like it was going to bite me.” “Ha. They won’t bite you. They only came alive because they miss you; how about when you get out of here, I’ll fix them with you.” “I have to say Draco, that bracelet is the most interesting present that I ever got, and deal.” “I’ve got to go now, but it seems that Longbottom is here to see you, such a shame that he doesn’t have any nicer flowers than these daisies. Bye.” He said and walked off. “Hi Neville...” You said as he came closer to where you were, “Thanks for the flowers.” You said as you gestured to the daisies. “It’s...it’s no problem. Professor Sprout gave them to me for you. So what happened?” He said “To cut a long-ish story short, I’m a klutz.” You told him. “I like stories.” A smile came to your lips as you relived Draco telling you what happened, “Fine. I was doing detention in the dark forest and there were noises! I started walking backwards tripped over a tree root and managed to hit my head against a tree, knocking myself out.” “Oh. That was a bit clumsy...” “Give me a break, I was scared!” You joked. Neville laughed a bit, but after a couple minutes of sitting in silence, he told you bye and left. You were left alone for a couple of hours after Neville left, so you took the time to start revising for you potions final, you heard that end of year Hogwarts exams were horrible. Madam Pomfrey came to change the dressing again and told you that you would be let out tomorrow-in time to take the test. You had just about had enough of practicing for the final when Oliver came to see you; it was nice to see him again and have a little break from the text books. “Hey ____________. How you feeling?” He asked as he sat on the chair next to the bed. “Better than yesterday, but my arm still hurts.” “Well it’s a good thing that you don’t have bad luck with bludgers.” “We don’t know that; I’ve never played, remember?” “True. Maybe I’ll try you out next year. Well, feel better.” He said and left.
  7. The next morning Madam Pomfrey changed your bandages one more time and then let you out of the hospital to return to your classes. You found the potions test hard but you managed to get through it, or so you hope. As you were walking to Hagrid’s hut after class you spoke a bit about the test. “I always heard that Hogwarts end of year exams were frightful, but, I found that rather enjoyable.” Hermione said cheerfully. “Speak for yourself. You alright there Harry?” Ron said to Harry who had his hand on his scar. “My scar; keeps burning.” He said in a pained voice. “It’s hurt before though hasn’t it?” Hermione asked. “Not like this. I think it’s a warning, it means that dangers coming.” He said. You walked out of the castle and could see Hagrid sitting outside his hut playing an instrument. Suddenly Harry says, “Of course! Why didn’t I see it before?!” “What do you mean?” You asked him. “Don’t you think it’s a bit odd that what Hagrid wants more than anything is a dragon and then a stranger turns up who just happens to have one?!” He said as he speed walked over to Hagrid with the rest of you trying to catch up with him, “I mean how many people wonder round with dragon eggs in their pocket?!” At the last couple of metres till his house you all broke out into a run towards him. “Hagrid, who gave you the dragon egg? What did he look like? Harry asked him very concerned. “Oh, I don’t know really. I never saw the person’s face because they kept their hood up.” Hagrid said. “This stranger though, you and he must have talked?” “Well...well he wanted to know what kind of creatures I looked after; well I told him, I said after Fluffy a dragon’s not going to be a problem.” “Did he seem interested in Fluffy?” “Well of course he seemed interested in Fluffy, how often do you come across a three headed dog, even if you’re in the trade. But I told him, I said that the trick with any beast is to know how to calm him. Take Fluffy for example, just play him a bit of music and he falls straight to sleep.” He said proudly. You all look at each other and then run off back towards the castle.
  8. You all run to McGonagall’s classroom and stand at her desk. She looks up at all of you and Harry demands to see Dumbledore immediately, but she says that he received an urgent owl from the ministry of magic and left straight away. “He’s gone?! But this is important! This is about the philosopher’s stone. Someone’s going to try steal it.” Harry said. McGonagall looks surprised that you know about the stone, “I don’t know how you four found out about the stone, but I assure you it is perfectly well protected. Now would you go back to your dormitories quietly.” She said and you all left. Once outside the classroom Harry said that he thinks it wasn’t any stranger that Hagrid met, it was Snape. Snape gave Hagrid the dragon egg, which means he knows how to get past Fluffy, and with Dumbledore gone he is sure to try and steal it. “Well...what do we do now?” You asked. “Simple. We go down the trap door-tonight.” Harry said. Just then Snape walked up behind you all, “Now what would 4 young Gryffindor’s, such as yourselves, be doing inside on a day like this?” He asked. Out the corner of your eye you saw Draco, he was the perfect excuse to leave and get away from Snape. “Well actually I was going to go talk to Draco about something. Oh look! There he is! Well I best be off.” You said and ran in his direction leaving the others to wiggle their own way out.
  9. “Hey Draco!” You said cheerfully as you approached him who was with Crabbe and Goyle. “Hey ___________, why you over here and not with them.” He said as he nodded in the direction of Harry, Ron and Hermione. “Oh err....Snape was a bit curious to what we were up to, so I quickly got away. Anyway, I’m out of the hospital, so do you want to go fix the bracelet now? He looked at Crabbe and Goyle, who had no expression on their face, before saying yes. You left Crabbe and Goyle behind and led Draco to the common room entrance and before you said the password, you covered his ears and made sure that he couldn’t hear. You stepped inside first and made sure no one was there to see Draco before motioning to him that the coast was clear. “Nice place this. Brighter than the Slytherin common room.” Draco said as he walked in the entrance. You showed him to the girls dorm and even though you were still outside the door, you could hear them hissing. You opened the drawer by your bed and showed him the snakes. “Hello there my darlings.” He said as he reached inside the drawer; the silver one slithered up to him and bared its fangs to him. “Oh I know; she’s left you for ages...” He said as he stroked the snake with one finger, “But she’s going to fix that now.” And he picked up both of the snakes and held them in his hand. He sat down on your bed and gestured with his free hand for you to sit next to him. Once you sat down, he told you to hold out your hand. “Promise they won’t bite?” “Promise.” He said and placed them both on your hand. They both looked up at you and hissed irritated. You started to panic, but Draco helped by reaching around for your other hand and moving it towards them. You were hesitant at first but he said to trust him, and you let him move it. The snakes felt cold and smooth, but they didn’t bite, if anything the hissing got quieter-like they enjoyed being with you. You got more relaxed with stroking them, you even let one of their tongues flicker across your finger. Once they calmed, Draco said, “Ask them.” “Ask them what?” “Ask them to go back to how they originally were.” You soon understood what he meant; the snakes had to turn back into the bracelet themselves and only you could ask them to. You moved you head close to the snakes and whispered, “Could you go back into the bracelet, please?” As if they understood you, the emerald one slithered down your wrist and wrapped itself around it; the silver one followed it but before it took its original place, it twisted itself around the emerald snake before facing it at the top of your wrist.
  10. “There that’s better now.” You thought to Draco now through the bracelet, which was now fixed. “Just remember that if you’re ever going to take it off, visit them once in a while-or maybe just never take it off.” He thought back to you. “I think you better get out of the Gryffindor common room before someone sees you.” You said aloud and carefully stepped down the stairs to the common room to check once again if anyone was there. There wasn’t anyone there and you managed to sneak him out as easily as you snuck him in. You stayed in the common room and after ages Harry, Hermione and Ron came through; it was probably time to head back to the common rooms but you wouldn’t be staying in there, tonight all of you were going down the trap door. You all went into your dormitories and pretended that you were going to sleep; but after everyone else had gone up, you snuck down. You all met up at the top of the stairs, Ron had Harry’s cloak with him which was the only thing you took. As you all came down the stairs, into the common room, you noticed Trevor, Neville’s toad, sitting on the arm of a chair making a croaking noise. “Trevor shh! Go, you shouldn’t be here!” Ron commanded in a whisper to the toad as if it could understand him. Neville sat forward from his position in the armchair and looked at you all. “Neither should you...” He stood up from the chair and walked over to all of you, “You’re sneaking out again aren’t you?!” “Now Neville listen-“Harry started off but Neville interrupted, “No. I won’t let you. You’ll get Gryffindor into trouble again! I...I....I’ll fight you!” Neville said holding up his fists. “Neville I’m really sorry about this. Petrificus Totalus.” Hermione said pointing her wand at Neville. Neville arms suddenly got frozen to his sides and he fell to the floor like a plank of wood. Ron gulped and looked at Hermione, who was just putting her wand away, and said “You’re a little bit scary sometimes, you know that. Brilliant......but scary.” Hermione didn’t answer. “Let’s go.” Harry said and started to leave the common room followed by Hermione and Ron. “Wait. We can’t just leave him like this! What if someone sees him?!” You said.
  11. “Well I had to do it. He would have stopped us from leaving.”Hermione said. “I guess you’re right, but I’m going to stay here with him, in case anyone sees him.” “Are you sure we may need-” Harry started off saying before being interrupted by you, “Go! Go on! I’ll be fine.” They all left before saying sorry to Neville. Once they all left you picked up his feet and tried to drag him across the room to the sofa. It was quite hard moving him at first but it got easier, once at the foot of the sofa you began the bigger struggle of trying to get him on it. You lifted his legs up first, then the top half of his body before running back to the front of the sofa to stop him from falling off. He was quite heavy but at least you got the job done and made it sort of look like he was sleeping. You went back upstairs to bed, you’ll see them in the morning-how long does it take to stop Snape from getting the Philosophers Stone...?
  12. You wake up early the next morning. Neville’s body bind must have been taken off because he is not on the sofa in the common room and you couldn’t see anyone else there; you’re best guess to finding someone was by going to the Great Hall and that’s exactly what you did. You saw everyone in the hall, Ron and Hermione were there but you couldn’t see Harry. “Where’s Harry?” You asked Ron and Hermione as you sat with them. “We don’t know what happened to him. I stayed with Ron after he got hurt in a giant version of wizards chess; Harry went on.” Hermione said. Before you could answer Dumbledore walked up to the owl podium. “Could I have you attention please; there is something important that I wish to tell you. Something happened in the dungeon last night, it is a secret, but I feel that you should know what happened. The defence against the dark arts teacher, Professor Quirrell, attempted last night to steal the Philosophers Stone which we have been protecting here. Harry Potter and his friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley went to go stop him from taking the stone. Harry Potter told his injured friends to go back to the hospital, and continued on to confront the Professor himself. It seems that Professor Quirrell was working with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Down in the dungeons he defeated Quirrell and the Dark Lord. Harry is currently recovering in the hospital.” Once Dumbledore finished speaking he walked back to his seat on the teachers table. Everyone started talking about Harry’s adventure. “Seems that Harry defeated You-Know-Who for the second time. I wonder when his luck will run out.” You said to Draco through the bracelet. “Hopefully soon. I know he’s your friend but I can’t stand that stupid saint Potter.” Draco replied. “Maybe you should be a bit grateful that You-Know-Who wasn’t able to return and isn’t killing everyone.” He didn’t reply and you didn’t push him for one either. After you, Ron and Hermione finished eating you went to go visit Harry in hospital.
  13. Harry was unconscious. Lots of gifts had been left for him even though people had just been told about what he did an hour ago, you were also pretty sure that most of the gifts were from people he didn’t even know. Ron made use of himself and devoured some of Harry’s chocolate frogs, you and Hermione were telling him to leave some for Harry but he just used the excuse that Harry has lots of stuff to eat and won’t miss a couple of chocolate frogs. I guess Ron was right; Harry had a couple of boxes of Berties Every Flavour Beans and jars full of lollipops. You left after a while. Harry was still unconscious the next day when you visited him by yourself. You sat down beside him and held his hand, “You really are one lucky boy. Defeating the Dark Lord twice and your only 11. Now if only you’d wake up....”

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