A Hogwarts love story: The Chamber of Secrets(part 8)

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This is part 8 of the Chamber of Secrets! Wow! It's the end of the year already! Moving on to year 3 as soon as i can and your life will(hopefully) take a dramatically interesting twist. Sorry it took so long by the way, as well as having exams i've had some writers block! Oh and i don't have any ideas for The Prisoner of Azkaban, so if you'd like to comment your ideas on what you'd like to happen!

So the Mandrake draught is ready and i guess Madam Pomfrey decided to keep her promise to Malfoy and give you the cure first. Ok, i said that it would be back to your P.O.V for the rest of the time now, but.....i couldn't resist putting in the boy's feelings for seeing you for the first time in ages!

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  1. *Your P.O.V* I awoke suddenly and bolted upright. The last thing I remember was seeing those big yellow eyes in the reflection of the trophy cupboard on the way to the Quidditch match....Merlin! The Quidditch Match! What happened?! And......wait......where am I? I looked around slowly; I was in the hospital wing and on one of the beds. Everyone around me seemed to have been Petrified, as I turned my head to the other side of me I saw....Hermione?! When did she get Petrified?! Wait....was-was I Petrified? I mean it makes sense...I don’t remember anything else up to seeing the eyes...That means I know what’s in the Chamber! It’s a Basilisk! I called out to Madam Pomfrey who was just giving the mandrake draught to everyone else, “Madam Pomfrey! Madam Pomfrey! In the Chamber of Secrets there’s a Basilisk! That’s the monster! A Basilisk!” “Quiet Miss _____! We know what’s in the Chamber. Come to think of it, I think it was your friends Mr Potter and Mr Weasley who found where it was.” She replied in a hushed voice. I sat on my bed trying t calm down and waiting for it to be Hermione’s turn to be unpetrified. Looking around where I was I saw some very pretty flowers in the vase by my bed, I gave a small smile and in my head I thought, “Neville. He’s so sweet. I should really thank him when I get out.” Then I turned my head to the wall and saw my broom and.....whose broom is next to it? I looked around for Madam Pomfrey, she would be the only one here to know who it belonged to, I saw other students gradually waking up as I looked for her. I noticed Colin Creevey and Justin Finch-Fletchley were the only others awake; Hermione, Penelope Clearwater, Nearly Headless Nick and Mrs Norris were still Petrified. I must have been the first to be given the draught.
  2. You spotted her as she was just about to give Mrs Norris the draught because Filch just walked in and practically demanded that she be done next. I let her finish giving her the draught before asking her whose broom it was, I didn’t feel like getting into an argument. Once Mrs Norris awoke Filch picked her up holding her very close to him and ran out of the hospital with a huge grin on his face. “Madam Pomfrey! Whose broom is that next to mine? I don’t recognise it...” I asked. She came over to where I was to have a look at the broom I was talking about; she was on her way over anyway to give Penelope the draught. “Oh, that broom......hmmmm.....You had many visitors here but I don’t remember-Oh wait! Ah yes, I remember now, that broom belongs to the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain...what was his name....?” “Oliver?! Oliver Wood? He left his broom here? But he loves to fly-why would he just leave it...?” I was speaking more to myself than to her now; she just gave me a small smile and walked away to unpetrifiy the other students. I saw Colin and Justin leave, I could have if I wanted to after all I had been unpetrified longer than they did but I wanted to wait for Hermione so that we could walk to the End of Year feast together (I found out that it was the end of year from Madam Pomfrey). After a couple of minutes Hermione was unpetrified, I explained everything to her-how the Chamber of Secrets was solved and sorted out by Ron and Harry, what the date was and anything else, like whose broom was it or who brought the flowers for us. By the time we finished talking we were able to leave and we were also the last ones left in the hospital wing. I grabbed both of the brooms while Hermione got her mirror and started to explain to me why she had it on her that day(surprisingly we got Petrified on the same day) while we walked to the common room to put our things away.
  3. *Draco’s P.O.V* We were all in the great hall eating dinner. I was glaring at those stupid Gryffindor’s-they had won the house cup again! I bet it was that Potter and Weasley getting a big amount of points from that old nutter Dumbledore again. He absolutely favours that stupid ‘famous Harry Potter! The chosen one!’ What a load of rubbish! Then Longbottom said something to Potter and Weasley, and they turned around with annoyingly big grins on their faces to look at the entrance. I looked to where they were facing, hopefully it was something that I could taunt them about, but to my surprise, it wasn’t. There she was-just standing there, with a big pretty smile on her face too. No! Not that filthy little mudblood Granger! It was ______- she was standing next to mudblood. She was out! She had finally been unpetrified! I wonder whether Madam Pomfrey kept the promise to give her the draught first...? Any-woah-wait! Wait a minute! Did Weasley and Potter like her too?! I mean if she was faced with two people from her own house, one of them being ‘Famous Harry Potter’-why would she choose me? This is not good. This is not good! Actually....____ isn’t the only one there.....Granger is too.....Granger! They could like Granger! Merlin....If only I knew for sure...Anyway she started to run alongside mudblood to her friends but that idiot who was Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team-Wood I think his name was(Flint is always on about how obsessed he is about Quidditch)-picked her up and spun her around. I watched intently as he whispered something in her ear before giving a departing hug and a quick kiss on her cheek. Great! Another Gryffindor to worry about! On the plus side though, I hear it’s his 7th year next year, and then he’ll be gone! She then went over to Potter and Weasley to give a big long hug to both of them and excitedly said something. Even from where I was sitting I could see that both of them had turned a little red-Weasley’s ears were practically the same colour as his hair!
  4. She gave an extra big hug to Longbottom and was swarmed by all of her other friends who were hugging her, talking and laughing with her. Now was my chance. To walk to the Gryffindor table and hug her too. It was the only way that I was going to get one-she seemed to have forgotten me (well, I hope she didn’t at least, but she didn’t seem like she was going to come over to the Slytherin table anytime soon.) But wait a minute! Me, Draco Lucius Malfoy, is going to ruin his reputation by walking over to a bunch of Gryffindor’s and give one of them a hug? A Gryffindor that is friends with Potter, the blood traitor and mudblood! A half-blood at that-whose father is obviously a blood traitor too for marrying a muggle! A half-blood whose friend stopped He-who-shall-not-be-named and stopped the heir of Salazar Slytherin! That DEFINITELY does NOT sound like the Draco everybody knows! But, that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it? I’ve only been here for 2 years; I can’t have THAT much of a reputation! I can change it now, if I want to. I still have another 5 years (or 4 depending on how you look at it) to change, improve or even ruin my life here at Hogwarts-so why not start now? As everyone at the Gryffindor table, including her, sat down I got up and walked over to them. I didn’t even look back at the Slytherin’s as I kept my eyes looking straight ahead. I tapped her on the shoulder as Potter, Weasley, Granger, Wood, Longbottom and other Gryffindor’s gave me strange looks. What did they think I was going to do?! Hex her?! Even I have so much of a heart not to hex someone once they come out of hospital, besides why would I try it in front of everyone-it’s like asking to get cursed! “Excuse me ______ but I think you forgot about one very special person.” I said (using her surname of course! Don’t want those Gryffindor’s starting to think that I was THAT nice!) giving a wink as she turned round to face me. “Only saving the best till last!” She said giving another big hug. I liked it. It was....relaxing. I looked at the horrified faces of the Gryffindor’s in front of me and gave them a wink with one of my signature smirks.
  5. *Oliver’s P.O.V* Everyone was in the Great Hall eating dinner, even the Petrified students were back and eating. “Welcome back Sir Nicholas.” I said to him as he floated passed the Gryffindor table. “Thank you.” He said and continued floating towards the entrance hall. “Harry, its _____ and Hermione!” Longbottom excitedly said and nodded towards the door. I admit I was partially eavesdropping on them, but I am glad I was. _____ was standing next to Granger positively beaming as she looked towards all the Gryffindor faces that had turned to see her. She finally looked like her normal beautiful self unlike she was when she was Petrified. Well, she still looked beautiful but she was missing that twinkle in her eye and she didn’t have that happy glow in statue form. I scrambled to get on my feet as she and Granger ran down the aisle to their friends; she was almost at Harry and Weasley when I got to her but I didn’t let that stop me. I grabbed her around the waist from behind and spun her around a little; I then set her down and whispered in her ear, “There she is! You’re back-I’ve missed you! Where’s my broom?! Is it still in the hospital?” “No, I put it back in the common room with mine.” “Great! Let’s go flying-after dinner-I have so much to say!” “Great. Good. Okay. See you later.” I let go of her arms and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before going to sit back down again. I watched her from my seat, a bit further down to where Harry and Weasley were sitting, as she went up to them in turn to give them a big hug and talk to them with Granger for a bit. She gave Longbottom a hug as well and she did the same to some other of her friends.
  6. She sat down next to Harry and Granger and started to eat, as did most people. We were all talking and Weasley and Potter were telling people their story about the Chamber of Secrets. It was very interesting especially Harry’s account of what happened with him and the Basilisk. I don’t know whether he exaggerated any of what he was saying, but I think I trust him enough to know that he wasn’t. We were all having a good time, that was, until Malfoy came over. As soon as he was spotted coming over to our table everybody practically stopped what they were doing and stared. I have to admit when he was only a couple of steps away from where _____ was sitting, I felt something arise inside of me; I don’t know what emotion it was, protectiveness maybe? All I knew was that I couldn’t take my eyes off the scene. Malfoy tapped her shoulder and said, “Excuse me _____ but I think you forgot to speak to one very special person.” Excuse me?! The only thing special about him is his stupid white hair and pointy chin! There was something definitely wrong with him if he thought that ____ was friends with a Slytherin-especially him. ______ friends with Malfoy? Please! Besides, since when did he start talking to her?! But that’s what really shocked me when she turned round and said to him, “Just saving the best till last.” And she hugged him, a hug just like the one she gave the rest of her friends. I was completely and utterly flabbergasted. Being the prat that he was, he looked over her shoulder during the hug and winked at all our shocked faces with that horrible smirk etched on his face. He soon left and Harry was the first to question Malfoy’s appearance. “What was that about?” He asked seriously. “What can’t I hug my friends after not seeing them in ages?” She replied emphasizing ‘friends.’ “Malfoy?!” Weasley angrily said. “Yes. Problem?” she challenged. This was one of the many reasons that I loved her, she wasn’t afraid to stick up for her beliefs. Sure I wasn’t a massive supporter of her being friends with Malfoy, but as long as he didn’t hurt her-I was fine with it. “You should have seen the way he looked at us.....” Longbottom mumbled. He was right though-that look worried me too.
  7. *Harry’s P.O.V* Gryffindor had won the house cup again. Dumbledore had also awarded me and Ron points for discovering the secret of the Chamber of Secrets, I don’t know whether the extra points gave us a boost in the standings but at least we won. “Harry, its _____ and Hermione!” Neville said excitedly to me and looked towards the entrance. _____! She’s awake! Finally! I don’t know what I’d have done if I didn’t see her before we went home. At least I would have some happiness before having to spend the summer with the Dursleys. I looked back towards the doors and I could tell that I was really smiling because my face started to hurt-but I just couldn’t stop! I was too happy. I quickly stood up from the bench and watched her as she and Hermione ran towards us (Ron was standing next to me). My heart dropped quite a lot when I saw Oliver pick her up and spin, then whispered something before kissing her cheek, she stood there for a second after he left and then ran the rest of the way towards us. I don’t know why she just stood there-your guess is as good as mine. Maybe she didn’t like Oliver kissing her? Hopefully. I mean, I already have competition with her against Ron-but Oliver too? I’m starting to feel like I don’t have a chance. She came over to me and gave me a huge hug, it squeezed all the air out of me but it was nice. Really nice. It made me feel...it made me feel....I-I actually can’t describe it. She finally released me and I took in a big intake of air while she moved on to her next target while Hermione came over to hug me. The hug didn’t feel the same. I mean it was nice-but it didn’t have that special feeling that I got with ____. Both girls now stood in front of us and to the side of me I could see Ron turning as red as his hair. “I can’t believe you solved it!” Hermione said breath-taken. “We had a lot of help from you.” I said in return. “We’ve really missed you.” Ron said to ______. “And you too Hermione.” I said trying to make sure she didn’t feel left out. “I better thank Neville for the flowers. I’ll see you in a sec.” ____ said and walked over to him. “Me too I guess.” Said Hermione. “Actually Hermione we got you those flowers....” I said to her.....Man I hope she doesn’t take that in the wrong way. She smiled and said thanks; _____ came back over and sat down in between me and Hermione.
  8. We began then to eat. The meal was amazing, me and Ron were telling people about what happened in the chamber but occasionally I got distracted from hearing ___’s beautiful laugh. So we were all having fun and everything, then Malfoy came over. We all stopped what we were doing straight away when we saw him only a small distance away. I was going to say something but I held my tongue when I saw him tap ______ on the shoulder. I was getting really tense, just waiting for him to do something horrible then me, being the closest to her, getting up and attacking him. But he didn’t do anything like that; instead he seemed rather-different. “Excuse me ____ but I think you forgot to speak to one very special person.” Malfoy sounded like a completely different person when he spoke to her, he didn’t sneer when he spoke like he usually did-he sounded like a normal person trying to be nice. This made me feel even stranger. I didn’t like it at all. Besides I know she briefly hung out with him and his gang in first year when Ron annoyed her, but when did they become friends? It was just hard to imagine someone as amazing as her being friends with a stuck-up Slytherin like himself. I don’t think that’s even happened before- a Slytherin being friends with a Gryffindor. “Just saving the best till last.” She said sweetly with a smile. A genuine smile-and she was looking and talking to Malfoy! ____ must be the only other girl in the school apart from Parkinson that actually smiled at him! The worst part was still to come when she hugged him-she gave him a hug identical to mine! I was lost for words and glancing around at everyone else’s faces it seems that they were too. While he was in her embrace Malfoy looked over her shoulder at all our amazed faces and gave us a mischievous wink with that ugly smirk of his. When he left I immediately questioned her as to why he was over here! I just couldn’t believe it...”What was THAT about?!” I asked with a shocked face. “What can’t I hug my friends after not seeing them in ages?” _____ retorted putting emphasis on friends. “Malfoy?!” Ron said disgusted. “Yes. Problem?” She said simply. No one dared to speak up, it was clear that she ended the argument, but under his breath I heard Neville mumble something, it sounded like, “You should have seen the way he looked at us.....”
  9. *Ron’s P.O.V* “Harry! It’s ____and Hermione!” Neville said and looked towards the doors. Why did he feel the need to just tell Harry? What about me? Am I not good enough to know that my friend and my crush, who have just been unpetrified, are at the entrance to the Great Hall?! I guess not. But either way I still stood up next to Harry as she and Hermione came running over, but then I felt my heart sink as that stupid Wood spun her around and kissed her on the cheek before going back to where he was sitting. I really hate that Wood, on the plus side though it’s his 7th year next year and then he’ll be gone forever! He was still competition though....he and Harry-lucky there isn’t anyone else. I watched as _____ continued on her way down and gave Harry a tight hug, I saw Hermione looking at them too and then quickly back over to me with a strange expression on her face; she outstretched her hand to me and I shook it warmly-well she was my friend after all, wasn’t she? After giving a big squeeze to Harry ____ came towards me and did the same. My mind went blank. I couldn’t think about anything else apart from how right this hug felt, and of course her. When she let go I could feel my face heat up; it felt like I was burning. “I can’t believe you solved it!” Hermione said breath-taken. “We had a lot of help from you.” Harry said. Before I could even stop myself I turned to ______ and said, “We’ve really missed you.” I could feel Harry give me a sharp look before saying to Hermione that we missed her as well. I think I kind of made _____ feel awkward, she said she was going to go thank Neville for the flowers but I think she just wanted to leave the awkwardness for a little while. I slumped back down on the bench with a sigh, Harry joined me and I think he was about to say something to me but he closed his mouth when _____ and Hermione sat down next to him.
  10. All was going great. Harry and I were telling people about the chamber of secrets, every time I heard ____’s laugh though I would just have to involuntarily smile as well. I couldn’t help it! Soon though, a horrible silence was placed over our section of the Gryffindor table. Malfoy was walking towards us. I was watching him intensely and I was sure everybody else was too; it just didn’t make any sense why he was coming over here unless it was to torment us some more but I doubt even he would do that at the end of year feast. Besides he never usually comes over to our table, he just normally sits at the Slytherin table and does it from there. As soon as he tapped ______'s shoulder I had to have so much will power as not to jump up from the table and start something. “Excuse me ______ but I think you forgot to speak to one very special person.” Malfoy said. Merlin! It felt so weird. I’ve never heard him speak like that-even to Crabbe and Goyle! He wasn't sneering, insulting, cursing or anything like that! “The only thing special about you Malfoy is that pointy chin of yours, and besides I doubt she ‘forgot’ to speak to you-I mean who would want to do that?!” I thought to myself. Next thing I knew, ______ was giving a warm embrace to Malfoy! I must have missed something-I’m sure! I watched, my eyes widened and my mouth hanging slightly open in shock, Malfoy then opened his eyes that were previously closed to look at our expressions, to which in almost some sort of reply, he gave an evil wink and that ugly smirk of his! When they broke from the hug Malfoy quickly changed his expression to a normal smile and told her ‘bye’ before walking back, seeming pretty pleased with himself, to the Slytherin table where he stayed for the rest of the feast thankfully. “What was THAT about?!” Harry inquired. “Can’t I hug my friends who I haven’t seen in ages?” ____ said back putting an unfortunate amount of emphasis of ‘friends’. “B-But Malfoy?!” I said shocked that she would do such a thing. “Yes. Problem?” She challenged. It was clear that this conversation had ended and only saying something about being friends with Malfoy was going to end up in a big argument. I heard Neville mumble something though....I don’t know whether she heard but to me it sounded like, “You should have seen the way he looked at us.....”
  11. *Neville’s P.O.V* I was just sitting in the great hall when out of the corner of my eye I saw Hermione standing at the entrance talking to Nearly Headless Nick, then ______ walked up next to her and I felt myself feel 10 times better already. “Harry! It’s ______ and Hermione!” I said excitedly to him. Ron and Harry both stood up to greet them both as _____and Hermione ran down the aisle to both of them. I then felt a rush of wind past behind be and then saw Wood run towards her. So that was it. My competition-Harry, Ron and Wood. Well, really, I wouldn’t call it competition if I wasn’t really trying; I haven’t even had a real conversation with her yet. I didn’t really watch them; I didn’t feel the need to get my hopes down even more, besides I wasn’t paranoid enough or anything to feel the need to watch them. After I while she came up to me, “Hey Neville! I just wanted to thank you for the flowers by my bedside in the hospital, it really warms me inside to know that you used some of your time to find and bring them to me. It was really sweet of you to do that.” “Oh-err umm....it was nothing really. I just wanted it to be nice when you woke up. It wasn’t just me anyway; Wood wanted you to have flowers by your bed too.” I said sheepishly. “Really? Oh-well-I think you’re the most important to thank though because you’re the one who actually got them. You’re a truly amazing, sweet friend and I’m so sorry I haven’t really spoken at all to you this year.” “I-it's OK.” I said, she gave me one last sweet smile and walked away to the opposite end of the table to sit next to Hermione and Harry. Everything was going fine for a while until they spotted Malfoy coming over towards us. You could practically reach out and touch the tension in the air. I had almost gotten over that dream of him, but the sight of him still made me slightly scared.
  12. This time I watched as he made his way towards _____. I was curious to see what would happen; I knew that if he were to attack her or something Harry, Ron or Oliver would be the first to potentially kill him. I mean I would try as well but he sort of scares me and I know that I wouldn’t stand a chance against him. They way they spoke to each other made them sound like friends, I didn’t really know ____ but she seemed like the kind of person who could find the good in everyone-so her being friends with Malfoy, despite how awful that is, sort of makes sense but it doesn’t stop any of us from hating him and the rest of the Slytherin’s. All I could think of is: when did she become friends with him? I mean I thought that they weren’t that good friends even when she made him spend Christmas with the Gyrffindors. Oh well! All I could hope for was that there wouldn’t be a row over it, but when they hugged and he gave a wink with that evil smirk of his at us, it seemed like my hopes had been shattered. I could tell that none of them like that gesture any more than I did-it was a horrible look. When he left a couple of glares were shot at him from Harry and Ron, Wood seemed pretty calm on the outside and ______ didn’t seem to notice that anything was wrong and went back to eating. I was feeling reasonably fine about it as well although it was still a bit strange as to why he would come over here when everybody can see him. “What was THAT about?!” Harry asked. “What? Can’t I hug my friends who I haven’t seen in ages due to me being Petrified. Gryffindor isn’t the only house that might have been worried or missed me you know.” She replied putting emphasis on quite a lot of words-the most on friends. “M-Malfoy?! S-S-Slytherin?!” Ron choked out. “Yes. Problem?” She simply said. No one said anything-we all kept quiet-to say something back would be to challenge her and that was an argument no one wanted to have especially as it was almost the end of the year. Then before I could stop myself I mumbled out loud to myself, “You should have seen the way he looked at us.” I don’t think I said it loudly, Ron or Harry might’ve heard because I was near them but I’m pretty sure _____ wouldn’t have heard me.
  13. *back to your P.OV* I guess I could never expect the boys to get over their hatred against Draco. Personally I don’t think that they hate him because of what he’s done, I mean I’m pretty sure Draco hasn’t done anything to Oliver or Ron, I think they hate them because they’re in the enemy houses. Oh well, they better just put up with it, I’m not having an argument with any of them over who my friends are. I’m quite curious now though as to what Draco did, Neville probably doesn’t think that I heard him-but I did. I wasn’t going to ask Harry or Ron, they might over exaggerate what actually happened, if I ask Draco he’ll probably make it out as if he didn’t do anything. My only options are Oliver or Neville. I think I’ll ask both, Oliver when I see him tonight and Neville on the train. I think I might go in the same compartment as him, I feel like we could be really good friends, all I have to do is talk to him a whole lot more. At the sound of Dumbledore’s voice however I stopped thinking and listened as he said his end of year speech. “Let us have a round of applause for Professor Sprout and Madam Pomfrey whose Mandrake juice has been so successfully administered to all who had been Petrified.” A large applause spread throughout the hall, most of the clapping coming from the students that were Petrified, some Slytherin’s though didn’t clap-Draco wasn’t one of them. See he’s not all bad-if only the boys could see that too. “Also in light of recent events, as a school treat, all exams have been cancelled!” This got an even larger applause with absolutely everyone cheering, well, everyone except Hermione who was greatly disappointed by the news. Just then the doors burst open and in walked Hagrid, everyone’s heads had turned towards the door. “Sorry I’m late. The owl that delivered my release papers got all lost and confused; some ruddy bird called Errol.” Ron looked down at the table seeming sort of embarrassed; I guess Errol was his owl. Hagrid walked down the aisle and stopped in front of the four of us. “And I would just like to say that if it hadn’t been for you Harry, and Ron and _____ and Hermione of course, I’d still uh, I’d still be you-know-where. So I’d just like to say-thanks!”
  14. Harry stood up, “It’s not Hogwarts without you Hagrid.” And gave Hagrid a big hug, you just looked up at them as did most of the hall with smiles on your faces. From across the room you saw Dumbledore stand up and start to clap, you immediately joined in, as did all of the teachers, then Harry, then the Gryffindor table and soon, the whole hall. When eventually the whole hall died down and Hagrid had left, the feast began. I don’t think that I’ve ever had a feast here that was quite as big as this one. It was amazing. When at last the feast had ended and I felt that I couldn’t eat another crumb, I walked slowly out of the hall until Oliver grabbed my hand and was practically dragging me to the common room. “Oh come on Oliver! Slow down! I’ve just eaten!” You complained at him until you reached the portrait hole. You stood outside as Oliver ran in and grabbed his broom, then dragged you once more to the courtyard where you got on the back of the broom after him. “Wow. He really hasn’t flown for ages.” You thought before you shot up into the air. Soon you were gliding over the Black Lake talking and laughing with Oliver, soon you felt it was the right time to ask him what Draco did. “What exactly did Draco do?” You asked him curiously. “What do you mean?” “Oh, um...what did he do-you know-at the feast.” “Oh...well he sort of gave-he sort of winked at us, with that infamous smirk of his-you know. It wasn’t.....the best look he could have given.” Oliver said rather unsure. “Oh, well I can see why you didn’t like it. You-You don’t mind me being friends with him, do you? I can understand if you do.” “No, no, I don’t mind, as long as he doesn’t hurt you. I’m sure Harry and Weasley feel the same way. Let’s just forget about Malfoy now, OK?” “OK.” You said and continued flying around the grounds with Oliver until a couple minutes past 11 and you still had to pack for tomorrow. “Oh well! I’ll do it in the morning.” You thought and went to bed straight away.
  15. “Come on ____, hurry up! The train’s about to leave!” Hermione called after you as you were handing you owl to one of the people who worked on the train. Quickly you said thanks and ran after Hermione as she hopped on the train. “Next time pack the night before and we won’t be late to the station.” She advised. You followed her to a compartment that had Harry and Ron inside of it; you stuck your head in and said bye in case you don’t see them after the train journey, then left to find Neville’s carriage. You found him eventually sitting in a carriage with Ginny, Ron’s sister. “Hi, mind if I sit in here?” You asked them poking your head through the door. “No, of course not. Come in.” Neville said while Ginny nodded. She was probably still scared, it was her first year and she had been possessed, she seemed very nice though and I bet she could tell me lots about Ron that I might be able to use against him if he ever annoys me. “Hi, you’re Ginny right? I’m ____.” I said holding out my hand for her to shake. “Yeah. Oh, you’re ____; my brother has spoken quite a bit about you.” She said quietly, a small smile coming to her face. “Nothing bad I hope....” “Not one bad word.” “Good or I’d have to get you to spill some secrets about him. You’ve met Neville right? Well he is the bestest friend that anyone could ever have!” You said beaming and that’s how the train journey started, by the time it had pulled up at Platform 9 ¾ you had become best friends with Neville and good friends with Ginny. You collected your owl and luggage and stood on the platform as you waited for your father to take you home, as you waited you called out to all your friends that you’d see them next year and to write to you over the summer. Your father soon came and took you back home, as soon as you arrived though you felt as though you had hardly been at Hogwarts this year and couldn’t wait to go back.

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