A Hogwarts love story: The chamber of secrets(part 2)

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This is part 2 to the Chamber of Secrets. In this part the Polyjuice Potion is finally ready and just at the right time too, after what happened with Harry at dueling club!

Parselmouth, Polyjuice Potion, Parkinson and another attack-so much is happening today! Let's hope that you're search for the heir is getting better...

Created by: spotty dinosaur

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  1. "I am so glad that I didn't play you today..." Oliver said as he pulled you into a hug, "Can you imagine what would have happened if that rogue bludger was after you! You could have come off worse than Harry!" "Don't let that put you off putting me on as Seeker. Besides, it was just that bludger-if only we knew who tampered with it...."You said calmly. "Yeah....I've got to go get another one now to replace it. But the good news is-you're fine. Have you been careful going around the castle, like you promised me?" You pulled away from the hug but he held onto your hands, "Yes. Are you OK though? Someone wasn't careful on the Quidditch pitch, like he promised me...." Oliver smiled, "Bludgers. Nasty little buggers." You smiled; he had said the exact same words to you when he was teaching you how to play Quidditch in first year. "Well....I have to go now, bye Oliver."
  2. The next morning you, Hermione, Ron and Harry were in the girls' bathroom brewing the Polyjuice Potion although you have no idea why Ron and Harry were in there. Harry was telling all of you what he had been told by a House Elf, called Dobby who didn't want him to come back to Hogwarts this year, and what he overheard from Dumbledore and McGonagall in the hospital. What you had learnt was that Oliver had been right, there was an attack on a first year Gryffindor yesterday night called Colin Creevey, and that the Chamber had been opened before. "Again? You mean the Chamber of Secrets has been opened before?" Hermione said to Harry in disbelief. "Of course, don't you see? Lucius Malfoy must have opened it when he was at school here...now he's told Draco how to do it." Ron said like he had completely figured it out. "Maybe..." Hermione said as she poured something into the small cauldron, "We'll have to wait for the Polyjuice to know for sure." "Enlighten me-why are we brewing this potion in broad daylight-in the middle of a girl's lavatory..." Ron said sarcastically, "Don't you think we'll get caught?!" "No. No one ever comes in here." She said with a small laugh. You, Harry and Ron looked confused as to why, but you guess that she's right-you had never been in here at least. "Why?" Ron asked puzzled. "Moaning Myrtle." She stated. That's right. People told you not to go in this bathroom because of Moaning Myrtle; she was a Ravenclaw girl ghost that haunted the bathroom. "Who?" Just then she came out of one of the bathroom stalls and crept up on Ron who hadn't noticed her yet. "Moaning Myrtle." Hermione repeated. "I'm Moaning Myrtle!" She complained angrily at Ron and flew to the middle of the room. "I wouldn't expect you to know me! Who would ever talk about ugly, miserable, moping, moaning Myrtle?!" She whined then screamed and flew back into the stalls and down the toilet. "She's a little sensitive." Hermione told Ron who had a shocked look on his face. "So, how's the potion going?" You asked. "Good. It's half finished, it'll be done soon."
  3. Hermione soon finished the potion for the day and you walked around the castle. You hadn't seen or spoken to Draco in what seemed like ages, but you saw Oliver quite a few times-it was like he was watching over you to make sure that you were being careful. He would always wink at you or give you a smile when he saw you, but only you seemed to notice his appearances. You were all called into the hall later in the day as a request by Lockhart. There was a long stage in the middle of the hall and there were large groups of children on either side of it, one side was Hufflepuff's and Gryffindor's and the other were Slytherin's and Ravenclaws. "Gather round. Gather....round. Can everybody see me? Can you all hear me?" Lockhart said as he walked up and down the stage. Everybody stood as close to the stage as they could get and fell silent; you were standing in between Ron and Harry with Oliver standing behind you. "In light of the dark events in recent weeks, Professor Dumbledore has granted me permission to start this little duelling club to train you all up, in case you ever need to defend yourselves, as I myself have done on countless occasions-for full details see my published work..." Lockhart said and threw his cloak into a big group of girls, "Let me introduce my assistant....Professor Snape..." Gilderoy gestured his arm to Snape who walked onto the stage with no expression, "He has sportingly agreed to help me with a short demonstration; now I don't want any of you youngsters to worry....you'll still have your potions master when I'm through with him."
  4. They stood face to face to each other in the middle of the stage, held their wands in front of their face, bowed then turned and walked away backs to each other. They took a couple steps away which created a reasonable distance between the two of them, and then they turned around and took a stance. "One...two...three." Lockhart said but before he had time to say an incantation, Snape had already said Expelliarmus and sent him to the other end of the stage. Quite a lot of the students laughed at him, including you-you were pretty sure the only reason Snape agreed to help Lockhart was to attack him. "I thought he was meant to be an amazing wizard." Oliver laughed. "It's not looking that way for him. He seems pretty terrible..." You whispered back. "Do you think he's alright?!" You heard Hermione worriedly say. "Who cares?!" Ron said entertained. Gilderoy picked himself up quickly and started making out that he could have stopped Snape easily and that it was obvious that he was going to use that spell. "Perhaps it would be prudent to first teach the students to block unfriendly spells, professor." Snape said. Lockhart seemed to consider it for a while, "Excellent suggestion professor Snape. Let's have a volunteer pair.....err..." "I think I might want to volunteer...." You whispered to Oliver. "No way ______. If you get paired with a Gryffindor-there's a chance that they might go easy on you, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw-I'm not sure, but if it's a Slytherin-you can bet that you're going to get hurt badly." He said concerned. "So....you be my partner." "Even worse in my view. I know spells you don't and how to block them, I'm not going to start saying spells and end up hurting you. I really don't want to hurt you. Besides volunteering is not being careful....."
  5. You guess he was right...you did promise him after all that you would be careful. No one volunteered so Lockhart just had to choose someone at random, "Potter, Weasley, how about you?" "Weasley's wand causes devastation even with the simplest of spells-we'll be sending Potter to the hospital wing in a matchbox..." Snape interrupted, "Might I suggest someone from my own house....? .......Malfoy perhaps?" Snape gestured to Draco to get up on the stage and Snape walked down to the other end. Lockhart walked up to Harry and said something to him then went and stood at the end of the stage. Draco and Harry met each other at the middle of the table and did the same starting poses as Snape and Lockhart. "Scared Potter?" Draco said menacingly. "You wish." Harry retorted. They moved away from each other and took their stances. "On the count of three cast your charms to disarm your opponent-only disarm. We don't want any accidents here. One....two..." Before Lockhart could get to three Draco had already cast a spell at Harry and sent him, doing flips in the air, across the stage. Some Slytherins started laughing and a few people called out "Cheat, cheat!" "Now imagine if that was you against Malfoy..." Oliver whispered. Harry quickly picked himself up, "Rictusempra!" This sent Draco spiralling across the stage before landing hard on his behind at Snape's feet. A few more people laughed at him than they did Harry; Snape picked him up by his collar and shoved him forward. "I said disarm only!" Lockhart said as Draco and Harry were in stances waiting tensely for the other one to cast a spell first. "Serpensortia!" Draco said and a snake shot out of his wand landing in front of Harry. "Don't move Potter; allow me to get rid of it for you." Snape said walking towards the snake. "Allow me professor Snape." Lockhart said and cast a spell that instead of getting rid of the snake, made it fly up into the air and land back down on the stage. The snake landed on the edge of the stage near to where you were standing, Oliver took your hand and took a step backwards.
  6. Harry approached the snake and started, from what it sounded like to you, hissing at it; Harry was a Parselmouth! The snake turned to face the students that were close to it, was Harry encouraging the snake to attack? No....he wouldn't, why would he? "Vipera Evanesca." Snape said and got rid of the snake. "What are you playing at?" The Hufflepuff student who was being threatened by the snake said distraught. Neither of the professors spoke or moved, everyone was looking at Harry strangely....you were sure that they all had the same thought in their mind as you-Harry either is or might be the heir of Slytherin. Hermione grabbed Harry's arm and tugged at him to come off the stage, once he stepped off she dragged him to the common room followed by Ron. You turned to go with them but Oliver grabbed your hand and shook his head giving you a look that said "No don't go with him, it's not safe...." "Oliver, it's OK-he's my friend. I have to go talk to him." You said reassuringly and ran to the common room. You entered just a split second after they did. "You're a Parselmouth! Why didn't you tell us?" Ron said. "I'm a what?" Harry said confused. "Living with muggles obviously didn't help you to learn much about witches or wizards. A Parselmouth can talk to snakes-you can talk to snakes." You stated. "I know! I mean I accidently set a python on my cousin Dudley at the zoo once...." You, Hermione and Ron exchanged nervous glances, "Once! But so what?! I bet loads of people here can do it." Harry said nervously. "No. They can't. It's not a very common gift Harry. This is bad." Hermione said. "What's bad? If I hadn't told that snake not to attack Justin-" Harry said. "Oh that's what you said to it!" Ron said sarcastically. "You were there! You heard me." "I heard you speaking Parseltongue-snake language...." "I spoke a different language..." Ron nodded, "But I didn't realise....how can I speak a language without knowing I can?" "I don't know Harry but it sounded like you were egging the snake on or something...Listen Harry, there's a reason the symbol of Slytherin house is a serpent. Salazar Slytherin was a Parselmouth; he could talk to snakes too..." Hermione said. "The whole school probably now thinks that you're his heir." You said concerned. "But I'm not!......I can't be..." "He lived a thousand years ago....for all we know-you could be..."
  7. You were doing your work quietly in class, it was almost completely silent except for some Hufflepuff's that were whispering about Harry and occasionally glancing over their shoulders at him. You could see that Harry was getting set on edge by it all, he was constantly looking around the room to see people looking at him and then back at you; all you could do was to give him a reassuring smile. Soon he couldn't take all the whispering and left to go to the common room. "What do you think-is Harry the heir?" You whispered to Ron and Hermione. "I don't know but this Parselmouth thing puts a new spin on who the heir really is...." Said Hermione. "I think we would know if it was Harry. Personally I still think it's Malfoy." Ron said. You all soon left to return to the common rooms but Harry didn't enter till after you three. "Where have you been Harry? We thought that you came back to the common room ages ago." You said. "I just came back from Dumbledore's office." Harry said. "Why were you in his office?" Hermione asked. "Filch found me by another attack; he still thinks that I'm responsible for petrifying his cat. I got sent to Dumbledore's office but he doesn't believe that I was the one who did the attacks." "Who was attacked this time?" Ron asked. "Justin and Nearly Headless Nick." "How much longer until the Polyjuice Potion is ready?" You asked Hermione. "Soon."
  8. Christmas arrived at Hogwarts quickly once again and you, Hermione, Ron and Harry were staying. You all were in the Great Hall eating Christmas dinner, "Everything's set. You just need a bit of who you're changing into." Hermione whispered to the three of you. "Crabbe, Goyle, Parkinson and Bulstrode." Harry said. "We also need to make sure that the real Crabbe, Goyle and Parkinson can't burst in on us while we're interrogating Malfoy. "How?" You asked. "Well, for Crabbe and Goyle I filled some cupcakes with a simple sleeping draft. Simple but powerful. For Parkinson though, it's going to be a bit more difficult. Since she is smarter than Crabbe and Goyle but not by that much, we'll need a different approach; leave this box on the Slytherin table once Malfoy leaves, inside it is a cupcake especially for her "from him"..." She said placing two cupcakes and a small green present box on the table, "Now once they're asleep hide them in the broomstick cupboard and pull out a few of their hairs; and put on their uniforms. I've already got Millicent's hair, found this on her robes. I'm going to go check on the Polyjuice Potion. Now _____, Malfoy's left, go and subtly place the box on the table; Harry, Ron-make sure Crabbe and Goyle find these." She handed them the cakes and walked away. You picked up the box and made your way round to the Slytherin table; once you were near Parkinson you discreetly placed the box on the bench next to her-near to where Draco was sitting. You walked out of the Hall and hid behind a statue with Ron and Harry, all you could do was hope that she didn't eat the cake in the box until she left the hall. Harry levitated the cupcakes for Crabbe and Goyle a bit further in front to where they were standing, right on cue the three of them walked out of the Hall.
  9. Crabbe and Goyle were holding a large hoard of cakes in their arms while Parkinson was boasting about the "gift she got from Draco". "My cake from Draco is better than all of the ones in your arm. Look it even has my name on iced on it." She bragged to them. "Are you going to keep talking about it or eat it? I'll have it if you don't want it." Crabbe said and reached for the cake. She slapped his hand away and took a bite out of the cake before he or Goyle could get to it. When Parkinson denied Crabbe the cake he and Goyle became uninterested in hanging around her and walked off-it was a good thing too, otherwise if they hadn't noticed and became so interested in the floating cakes they would have heard Parkinson drop to the floor unconscious. Crabbe and Goyle picked up the cupcakes and started hungrily eating them before passing out. "How thick could you get?" Ron said. "Come on we need to get them into the broom cupboard." You said and grabbed Parkinson by her ankles to drag her to the broom cupboard. Once she was inside, you pulled out one of her hairs and took her robes; you waited for Ron and Harry to get Crabbe and Goyle inside then locked the door. All three of you went back to the bathroom where the potion was being kept.
  10. You all had changed into the Slytherin's uniforms and Hermione was at the sink spooning the potion into four cups. "We'll have exactly one hour before we change back into ourselves..." Hermione said handing you each a cup, "Add the hairs..." "Eww....Essence of Crabbe." Ron said disgusted. "Cheers." Hermione said and you all knocked your glasses together before quickly downing it. It tasted disgusting beyond words and none of you were able to finish the whole potion-none of you were able to even to take more than one gulp. You, Hermione and Ron ran to the toilet stalls because you all felt that you were going to be sick. When you slammed the door shut you noticed that you hand was bubbling almost, you could feel your long hair that was pressed against your face getting shorter and you were shrinking to the height of Parkinson. You walked out of the stall feeling your newly shaped face, in front of the sink was Goyle but you could tell it was Harry because he was still wearing his round glasses, Crabbe walked out of another stall looking at his hands. "______?" Harry and Ron said at the same time. "Harry, Ron?" You said. "Bloody hell." Ron gasped. "We still sound the same! What now?!" You said. "You need to sound more like Parkinson, and Ron you need to sound more like Crabbe." Harry said. You cleared your throat and tried to do your best Parkinson impression, "Hi Draco...." You linked arms with "Crabbe" pretending that he was Draco and rested your head on his shoulder. Ron blushed, "Is that convincing?" You asked moving away from Ron. "Bloody hell." Ron said imitating Crabbe's voice. "Excellent." Harry said satisfied. "But where's Hermione?" Ron asked. "I....I don't think I'm going..." She called out from her stall, "You go on without me." "Hermione...are you OK? Harry asked her. "Just go your wasting time!" They just stood there unsure of what to do, you had to push, shove and shout at them to go but eventually they got back onto the task ahead and left. "I think the Slytherin common room is this way..." Harry said pointing down the corridor. You were all walking down the corridor unnoticed until, "Excuse me!" Percy came over to the three of you. "What are you doing here?" Ron said in his Crabbe impersonation. "I happen to be a school prefect...you on the other hand have no reason to be wondering the school at night. What are your names again?" All of you faltered but luckily Draco showed up just in time.
  11. "Crabbe, Goyle and.....Pansy?" Draco said seeming surprised that Parkinson was with them. "Draco!" You squealed and skipped over and linked arms with him. He tolerated it but you could sense that he was uncomfortable with "Parkinson" being that close to him; you stayed were you were though because that's exactly what she did. Draco continued walking towards Crabbe and Goyle and completely ignored your presence, "Where have you two been?! Pigging out in the Great Hall all this time?" Ron and Harry nodded quickly unable to think of any other excuse, "Why are you wearing glasses?" Draco asked Harry. You held your breath hoping that Harry could think of a good enough excuse that Draco wouldn't think that something was wrong, "Err...ummm....reading." Harry said taking the glasses off. "Reading? I didn't know you could read......" It looked as if Draco had learnt something new about Goyle, which meant he believed Harry and you released your breath. Draco then turned to face Percy and changed his voice to the spiteful tone that he usually uses when talking to Gryffindor's, "And what are you doing down here Weasley?" "Mind your attitude Malfoy." Percy said through gritted teeth. Draco just walked away back to the common room with your arms still linked, Ron and Harry following. Draco said the password, finally shook you off his arm and lied on the black sofa but with his back propped up against the arm. You sat on the other arm of the same black sofa that Draco was on, you acted as if you were Slytherin but Ron and Harry weren't sure what to do. "Well, sit down." Draco said annoyed. Ron and Harry cautiously sat down on the other black sofa and started looking around them. "You would never believe the Weasley's were pure-bloods the way they behave. They're an embarrassment to the Wizarding world-all of them." Draco said but you could see that Ron was getting tense trying to keep all of his anger inside of him.
  12. "Not just the Weasley's-that _______ girl is too, from what I hear she's from a Pure-blood family but her father was a blood-traitor and married a muggle. Now she's a filthy mudblood." You quickly stated trying to give Ron time to calm down. Draco glared at you but he didn't continue on the subject, "I'm surprised that the Daily Prophet hasn't done a report on all these attacks, I suppose Dumbledore's been trying to hush it all up. Father did say that Dumbledore was the worst thing that ever happened to this school." Now it was Harry's turn to get angry and once again you would probably have to cover it up. "You're wrong!" Harry shouted. Draco stood up from the sofa and glared at him, "What?! You think there's someone here who's worse than Dumbledore?!" Neither Harry nor Ron answered; you were considering saying that you were worse than him but Draco didn't want "you" to answer-he wanted Harry to. "Harry Potter?" Harry said almost in a question. Draco seemed to consider his answer, "Good one Goyle. You're absolutely right-saint Potter! And people actually think that he's the heir of Slytherin?!" He said in disgust. "Well you must have some idea as to who's behind it." "You know I don't Goyle; I told you yesterday-how many times do I have to tell you?!" He sat on the table and picked up a small present, "Is this yours?" You all shook your heads and he placed it in his pocket. "But my father did say this-it's been 50 years since the Chamber was opened, he wouldn't tell me who opened it, only that they were expelled. The last time the Chamber of Secrets was opened a mudblood died- so it's only a matter of time before one is killed this time, as for me-I hope its Granger." This got you annoyed, Hermione was your best friend and before you could even think about it you angrily said, "Granger?! What did she ever do to you?! Well I couldn't disagree more-I want it to be ________!" Draco strode angrily over to you and looked fiercely into your eyes, "What did you say?!" You put on a smirk half surprised that your answer caused such outrage from him, "I. Hope. ______. Dies...." You had never seen such fury in anyone's eyes before, "Something wrong Draco...?" "Yeah there is actually-what is so wrong with her?" He said fuming. "With who?" You said innocently. "What is your problem with _____?!" You put a surprised expression on your face, "Draco.....you just called her by her first name. We never do that! Especially when we're talking about mudblood's or Gryffindor's! You know that! Never once have you called any of us by our first names!" You said outraged. Draco took time to answer and behind him you could see "Crabbe" growing tufts of ginger hair, which meant that your hour was almost up and soon you would be changing. Harry and Ron had already started running out of the common room; you shoved Draco out the way and ran after them. "Hey, where are you going?!" Draco angrily called out after you as the three of you exited the room.

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