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  • @Jayla-thank you so much! Sorry you kept getting grounded, and Draco is my favorite too!

    @rosekat-i'll try get part 4 up soon but i'm a bit stuck on their point of views at the moment!

    spotty dinosaur
  • OMG I FINALLY GOT TO READ YOUR SERIES! At first when I heard about it I wanted to read them but then I kept getting grounded so yeah now I finally got to read it and it's amazing! I can't wait for more and Draco is officially my favorite and you're a GREAT writer

  • I loved it and I hope the next one is up soon because I am about to explode and as always KEEP WRITING!!!!!

    signe d the amazingly awesome fantastically terifical and extremely humble rossekat

  • AWESOME!! I love Oliver -.-

  • I got Ronald weasly


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