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  • 77% thanks :) Also I get what you were saying about some of these quizzes helping. I've taken many of these quizzes and ALL of them have told me to tell him how I feel, I just haven't found the courage too yet. But I do plan on asking him soon, so you could wish me luck on that, I would appreciate it lol :) Thank you so much for the awesome quiz!

  • hey well im glad you guys liked the quiz and horselover15 i hope you do get the courage to ask him....if i was ur bff i would ask him for you lol...even though the guy i wrote this quiz about said no to be but its all good....if you fell like givin up...remember y u held on so long in the 1st place:) burnsundieagain your wecome! if you guys need any advice i wil try and talk to u guys on here in my free time! REMEBER TO TELL EVERYONE U KNOW TO TAKE MY QUIZ!!!!!!! thx and ily guys

  • AWWW!!!That was the nicest 79% result answer thingy ive EVER gotten!!!!!!!!!!!

  • love it! nice quiz and hey sis you gotta chang the quiz now unless things work out....love ya

  • 75%
    Well Thank you!:)


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