~Warrior Cats Love Story: part 1~

Ok, first of all, from taking various quizzes here, I've learned that no one ever reads these, but still: this is my first quiz, so even if it's totally bad, no cussing in the comments, please. Thanx! also, helpful comments for my next quiz would be nice.

anyways, in this quiz, you are a Dawnclan she-cat named Heathergrass; you have dark-ginger-gold fur with dapples and blue-green eyes.

Created by: Flight

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  1. "Heathergrass! Silversplash!" Your Clanmates are calling out your warrior name; you never knew it would feel this good! Lionstar, your leader and father, looks down proudly at you. "Shadowstrike will show you to your den now, then report to Ashpelt for your first patrol."
  2. Shadowstrike turns out to be a gray and dark silver tabby tom with really dark green eyes. He doesn't look very happy about showing you and your sister to your den, but he just sighs and says, "Come on."
  3. You're feeling a bit irritated with Shadowstrike as you follow him across the clearing. A big, dark ginger tom suddenly appears next to you. "So here are the newbies!" he teases. "I am NOT a newbie!" you retort. Silversplash's fur starts to bristle. This guy is:
  4. You've seen this ginger warrior around before; it's Rowanblaze. Every cat thinks of him as the next deputy. Before you can say something else in your defense, a third cat comes up. Your thoughts are:
  5. The third cat turns out to be another tom, this one with dark, gingery-red fur and thick, darker-colored stripes. "Congrats on the warrior name, Heathergrass! I'm Redstripe, by the way," he says.
  6. You FINALLY reach the warriors' den, and Shadowstrike leads you inside. "There's your nest," he says in a monotone, then walks off.
  7. After getting a general sense of your new den, you head back outside with Silversplash and over to Ashpelt, who is organizing patrols. "Ok, Rowanblaze, you take a hunting patrol with Stormclaw, Silversplash, Brackenpelt, and-" he catches sight of you. "-Heathergrass. Watch out for the Moonclan border; Brightstar said they chased a badger out a couple days ago." Your patrol gets together; you're thinking:
  8. Stormclaw is a dark gray tom with ruffles of darker coloring and blue eyes; Brackenpelt is a tawny golden-brown tom with a gingery tinge. As you and your patrol are leaving camp, you think:
  9. Your patrol spreads out and you start hunting. You have just caught and buried a squirrel when ________ comes up.
  10. It's Stormclaw. "Hey," he says, shifting from paw to paw. "Hi," you reply. You two hunt in silence. At one point, his fur brushes yours; you think:
  11. "Heathergrass," Stormclaw says. You turn and look at him. "What?" "I...want to tell you something." You know it's not Stormclaw's nature to be shy; you're thinking:
  12. Just then... Rowanclaw, Redstripe, Shadowstrike, and Brackenpelt come out of the trees.
  13. You stare at them in confusion. "Heathergrass," Rowanblaze begins. "We've all been...er...watching you since you were made an apprentice, and, well..." says Brackenpelt. "We all really like you," adds Shadowstrike. "A lot." "So we talked it out and decided that we'd let you choose one of us," says Redstripe. "Your choice," Stormclaw finishes. You're thinking:
  14. Suddenly, there's a sound in the forest; the six of you turn your heads to see what's going on. It hits you hard as you realize it's... CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Who do you love?

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