(The best) love story part 1

This is the firstt quiz so all the other will be MUCH better! This story is somewhat based on my own life. As in all of the people are real people. I hope you enjoy this quiz a lot! I tried really hard to make it with minimal spelling errors! LEAVE COMMENTS PLEASE!

The boys are : EMMANUEL; Curly, black long hair, big brown eyes. Sarcastic, an outsider, likes badminton. ZACK; short, short brown hair and glasses. Really smart and has many friends. BRENDAN sort of tall, blond hair, blue eyes, plays hockey, funny but in a mean way! ENJOY!

Created by: farren
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  1. Its the first day of second term and you are at a new school. You make your way to the office and get your schedule. You make your way to your FA (home room) and sit at a table biside a girl reading Percy Jackson.
  2. You sit down and introduce your self.The girl looks up and says that she is Amy and Starts talking about random stuff. You look at the other kids in the class. There are a group of girls, a group of boys and a boy sitting by himself.
  3. The bell rings and Amy finaly stops talking. You head off to your first class. Amy looks sad and says shes not in your class but her friends Tia and Diane are. Tia is a short Aisan girl and Diane is a pretty Blond. You sit down in your class and the teacer introduces you to everyone. You notice some kids fron FA like The lonner, 2 cool girls from the swarm of girls and the 2 cool guys but also many new kids like this white nerdy kid.
  4. The teacher puts you all with partners and you get put with the lonner.
  5. He says hi and you say hi back and you guys start working. You guys are talking and having fun but you mistakingly look up and see Zack sittibg REALLY close to Diane. You try to forget abot them but then you see Emmanuel get hit in the bach of the head with a spit ball that obviouly came fron Brendan!
  6. Before you can do anything the bell rings and Emmanuel mumbles somthing like stupid idiots. You leave and ask Tia what class is next she sais band/art. You go to...
  7. Next you have math class. The teacher puts you by Zack. You hear Diane say "lucky!"
  8. You and Zack get paired together and are the firt kids done. (surprise, surprise) You find out he likes all the same stuff as you! You look over and see Diane green with envey !
  9. Its the end of the day and how do you get home?
  10. Who do you like?
  11. Should I make part 2 ? *no effect*

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