"That 70's show" or "Scrubs"

There are good tv shows and not so good ones which one are you? Elliot: My life is a mess! J.D.: At least you're pretty. Elliot: Yeah, well, pretty don't pay the rent! Carla: It does for my sister. Elliot: Oh, my God, your sister's a prostitute? Carla: She's a model. Come on, Elliot, we talked about thinking before we speak.

Can you be that 70's or are you Scrubs? Carla: Fine, you can't live with Elliot, but you're not living with us so get your crap out by Friday. J.D.: Friday? Friday's my birthday. I've already e-vited everyone to a party at our place. Carla: Whose place? J.D.: Your place. Look I can't just un-e-vite everyone. I've got two e-yeses and 24 e-maybes. That's a lot of e-sponses. Carla: Bambi, I'm gonna put my e-foot up your ass. J.D.: It's a Mexican themed fiesta on the first anniversary of my 29th birthday. That means I'm turning thirty. Donde? 56 Walnut Drive. Cuando? Thank you for asking, ocho-thirty until upside down question mark. Sombreros at the door. Turk: I'll be there. J.D.: Gracias, amigo. [to Carla] J.D.: I borrowed one of your dictionaries.

Created by: Tom Ferris
  1. When talking to your minority Friend do you call him Fez, Chocolate bear, SCB, or foriegn friend.
  2. do you have random day dreams
  3. Do you enjoy bell bottoms or scrubs
  4. would you rather date your best friend or sleep with him or her?
  5. would you rather ride a scooter to work or take a car
  6. do you say sexual comments about every thing or do you say your mom jokes alot?
  7. if you woke up and saw a black man in your house would you cry, run, invite him for dinner or call him scb?
  8. do you work alot or not at all
  9. do you own a stuffed dog or a frezzer in your basement?
  10. do you enjoy blondes or redheads?

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