~Online Love~ 8

MAKE SURE YOU TOOK PART 1-6 BEFORE YOU TAKE THIS ONE, OR EVERYTHING WILL SEEM BORING AND ENDLESS. You might understand this story better if you know how to use a facebook. Most of the things take place online. The girl Alex Grene is you. * *is her doing something.

[ ]is her thinking. ____: is someone talking. 'Alex' is you when you are on chat with Alex Green the guy. Just try to adjust. You'll get used to it. This takes place offline too now. I hope you like it! And don't even bother to answer the questions except for the very last one.

Created by: random person
  1. June 28, Monday 8:09AM. 'Alex': Hey. Alex: sup. 'Alex': Sorry, I didn't give you back your jacket yet. Alex: s'okay you can return it later. Um... you okay from yesterday? 'Alex': yea... [I don't know what happened to Sherri]
  2. 'Alex': Um... do you know Sherri? Alex: Who? 'Alex': You know, the one from yesterday that- Alex: No, I don't know her and I probably don't want to either. 'Alex': Oh. She... ah nvm. Alex: What were you going to say?
  3. 'Alex': nothing. Alex: No, something and you better say it. 'Alex': Oh jeez Alex. I don't get you. You're like all sweet and concerned and then you're all annoying again. Alex: It's a skill
  4. Alex: Hey, I gotta go to da gas station wit my dad. ttyl 'Alex': bye. minutes later... Rena: Hey. Alex: Hello. Rena: You wanna hang out again? I dunno, I'm bored. Alex: Sure. That's what best friends are spose to do all summer. ;D [She's acting like two days ago never happened. She's not mad at me. I'm glad. And I bet she's kinda shocked at me calling her best friend] Rena: :D
  5. 30 minutes later. [Aw, Rena left] Alex: back. "˜Alex': Y doesn't your dog live with u? Alex: Well mom n Harold lives there, where Alexi lives. Harold's my stepdad my real dad lives farther away downtown He works in a motorcycle shop and I help him sometimes this summer. Im livin over there from now on cuz of some family problem things ya kno. Plus that means I'm moving to a new school which sucks, but at least I get to work with what I love most ;D MOTORCYCLES.
  6. Alexi: What school? Alex: Monroe I think "˜Alex': THAT'S WHERE I GO!" Alex: rilly? Dat's cool, maybe you can show the innocent new boy around ;) "˜Alex': :P Do you see alexi everyday? Alex: yah I see my dog everyday. Can't wait to drive a motorcycle too. I am master at driving one. three hours later
  7. [I'm gonna go over to her house and see if Rena's there, gonna take the other path that Alex takes everday to see his dog. He should be around that street around this time. I should bring his sweater and cell to return to him just in case I meet him on the sidewalk] *several minutes later*
  8. [Heh, there's Alexi] *bends down to pet her* [She is gorgeous] SNAP "Eh?" *turns around* [I thought I heard someone... like they stepped on a dry twig] *turns back around* "Hey" "˜Alex' spins around at the voice. "What are you doing here?" he asks. "Oh Alex. I..." [He has on a cap today] "Uh, I wanted to give back this" "˜Alex' said handing him his sweater back. "Thanks" he replied taking it. "Hey, it feels really warm like it was outta the dryer?" [I gave it to Mom to wash yesterday. Yesterday was Sunday, laundry day for Mom and me]
  9. "Yea, Mum and I gave it a wash" "You didn't have to that, but thanks. Now I don't have to wash it! It's been sitting in a sweaty locker for weeks before I gave to you" "WHAT!" Alexi screamed. "Hey just kidding" he laughs "It was clean when I put it on you" "Do you have my cell phone here?" she asked. "Yep, switch?" "You bet" *switches cell phones* "You have facebook on there?" he asks. "In my phone? Yea" "Cool, then I can talk to you then when I'm somewhere else"
  10. Alexi the dog whines. "Sorry, forgot you Lexi. Here, I brought you this" he handed her a biscuit. *looks over Alex's shoulder* [Eh??] "Rena..." she breathed. "So... do you-" he starts to say but "˜Alex' cuts him off "Alex, I... don't talk to me again" "What?" "It's for the best" she adds softly before running off. "ALEXI! WAIT!" he runs after her "Alexi, what the heck was that?!?" *grabs onto her arm*
  11. There are two results. This question will affect them. Do you want to stay friends with Alex and wait or are you getting bored and want some more action?

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