"Leo" - New quiz series by Darkflamechic

Hello, there! Darkflamechic here with a new story idea! Like it says down there describing the plot, this would probably come out after the Powerful finale.

I'm interested in any feedback, so please...don't hesitate to leave some! I will see it as I check on my quizzes quite often. So yeah...enjoy the description XD

Created by: Darkflamechic

  1. *peeks in* oh, someone's here! :D welcome!
  2. So this is a new idea for a story that would probably come out after the finale of Powerful is released.
  3. It is about a girl and a lion...yes, a girl and a lion. :D
  4. But this lion isn't ordinary. It acts more like a housecat...and it talks.
  5. The girl discovers the lion's secret, and they become friends,
  6. But there are dangers along the path of their friendship.
  7. I mean, wouldn't you find a teenage girl hanging out with a lion kind of odd?
  8. But there's more to the dangers than just other humans.
  9. But you'd have to read the series to find out ;)
  10. Please, leave your opinion in the comments. If anyone likes the idea, it'll probably come out!

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