*** If you read any of my series, take this***

Hey people! So, as you may have noticed, I haven't really been able to make as many stories and quizzes as I used to (due to summer school) so I need your help deciding which stories I should discontinue.

(for now, that is) I'll probably bring them back at some point, just not sure when. So, pleases let me know in the comments section which to continue and which to stop.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. Hey guys! Okay, so, basically I've realized I have way too many series going right now and in order to finish any of them, I need to stop a couple of the others.
  2. #1: 'Fingers crossed' Should I continue this one or hold off for a while until I get some of the others done? (btw I just added a new one of these today)
  3. #2: 'We could have wrote a bad romance'
  4. #3: 'Heartbreaking isn't a crime is it?'
  5. #4: ' All because of a coke'
  6. #5: ' If I didn't know any better'
  7. #6: ' A life unlived'
  8. #7: ' The downfall'
  9. Okay, also.... I was considering doing a new series with a guy's pov instead of a girls... Should I wait or do it?
  10. Oki, that's it. Please lemme know your decisions in the comments section! Thanks.

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